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    CoD New Years Resolutions

      So, mostly because at work today and it is very...very slow... was thinking ahead to the year to come.


      My question to you, fellow Forumites... is what are your CoD New Year Resolutions, if you have any at all? Are there challenges you are determined to complete? Game Modes you want to improve on? Guns you want to work with?


      Me? Well I have a few.


      1) Continue to work on just enjoying the game- I get so little time to play compared to previous games.. just a factor of life changes. One thing I have learned over the years is to just enjoy it. I used to rage pretty hard... and I am still very competitive and get emotionally involved in just about every match I play. In 2014 I want to keep learning to just let it go. When things are going poorly, just grit my teeth, change my strategy, and push forward. No more yelling expletives for me! (Besides... it just scares the dogs and cats)


      2) Play the darn Campaign already. In the past, I have always put myself as Offline  and immediately played the Campaign, sometimes from start to finish. I felt it helped me get a feel for the weapons and better understand the MP maps. This time around? Nope, just jumped right into MP. Is it worth it?


      3) Keep trying new weapons and setups. I worry that I have settled into a rut. I am very comfortable with Assault Rifles, always have been. But I have improved greatly in all areas of the game, and I should really try to challenge myself more in certain areas. Maybe try using a Sniper now and again, get more comfortable with the Marksman Rifles, re-discover the LMGs, and try to make the SMGs useful. See what perks I am leaning too heavily on and try out different setups. Use different streaks and try to earn even the toughest ones. Use Specialist in this game (finally). So glad I have Squads to work on these things before going live.


      Happy New Year, everyone! I hope the New Year brings us all a lot of gaming enjoyment and interesting discussion.