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    The element of the day...


      None of the features of the element of the day are working---wish stones, bonuses for crops and adventures, etc.  It has not been working for about two weeks. This problem is not isolated to just me, the feature is not working on my son's game on another device. In addition, many members here on the forum have complained about the same thing. I have done everything I can think of on my end to fix this. I have even deleted my game, turned off my device, reinstalled and logged back in. This is very frustrating. I have spent time and money on this game, and this glitch has meant the loss of many wish stones, gold and energy. There have been no answers to others that have posted the same question. I understand if a glitch takes time to fix.  Please, just let us know if you are working on a fix for this issue or not.

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          I second everything BookMother says. Element of the Day, shrines and EoD bonuses have not worked for over a week.  There have been numerous posts about this issue, but none have been answered.  We have three different iPads in this household, each shows a different EoD, and none are working the way they did a few weeks ago.  Time to find the bug, write the patch and get it deployed.  Thanks!

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            I Have also seen this problem as had my son on his game. We spent money to get shrines for more chances at the special alter egos and he's been off school,to play for Christmas so it's very disappointing for him and I. Skylanders lost islands was otherwise a good game till this error.

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              Having the same problem here. No bonuses for element of the day.

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                Hi BookMother and everyone,


                We have forwarded the matter regarding the Element of the Day over to the appropriate parties.  It appears to be showing intermittently for some users but has not been an issue for others.


                You will still have the opportunity to collect wish stones by doing other activities in the game such as activating large sanctuaries or locating the snowmen ("nothing to see here").  The wish stones are random but can still be collected within the game.


                Once we receive word back, we'll have more information to provide to you.


                Regards ^AH