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    Anybody got a good FAD Set up

      This is one weapon that I have come back to now that I am setting up my more permanent classes.  The past 2 month I have been running loadouts mostly based on the operations I have drawn.   I revisited this weapon and I like the feel of it, but I am still trying to find a good class build for it. Currently, I am running it with stalker, the acog scope and a silencer and it is performing pretty well. However, I think it there are setups better suited to the weapon.  Any suggestions would be welcome.

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          Re: Anybody got a good FAD Set up

          I personally have never been a fan of Stalker. I don't fell at advantage at all using that perk. My go to FAD setup when I got it gold:


          FAD grip extended mags


          With extended mags you get 63 rounds. You probably won't have to reload throughout your whole life and if you do you need to reevaluate how you're using it. I typically get a kill at all ranges with a four round burst with this setup. Learn your weapon and how long to hold the trigger down. Learn how to shoot it in four round bursts.



          Dead Silence





          The Fad has really quick handling and nice iron sights. A fairly quick rate of fire but the shots seem to group nicely.

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            Re: Anybody got a good FAD Set up

            Try this class the FAD with Suppressor and Grip with the M9A1 as your secondary with Extended Mags your Lethal is a Semtex or C4 and your Tactical is a Stun or Flash Bang your perks will be Stalker, Dead Silence, Sleigh of Hand and Ready Up. This class needs a Specialist Package your perks for this. One will be Quickdraw then Amplify and then Scavenger as your third perk as for the perks you get when you get your bonus it should be Dead Eye and Off The Grid.

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              Re: Anybody got a good FAD Set up

              one of my fav guns now, I use kind of a speed class, the gun I have grip and silencer, then perks are....dead silence,  agilty, quickdraw, SOH, ext mags, I think...

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                Re: Anybody got a good FAD Set up

                Alright, thanks to everyone who offered. It seems the consensus is extended clip + foregrip. I didn't need extended clip because I carry a pistol and use it.  So, if my primary runs dry I just pull it and keep fighting. However, I did try out the grip and that made a huge different. I ended up with this.


                Primary: FAD

                Attachments: Grip, VRM sight, Suppressor

                Secondary: M9A1

                Attachments: Dual Weild, Supressor

                Perks: Stalker, Focus, Steady Aim, Extra Attachment


                I ended up using the grip and the FAD worked well at both close and long range. I don't sprint with this build so, ready up wasn't necessary and I have the dual silenced pistols to fall back to. Thanks to everyone who contributed.

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                  Re: Anybody got a good FAD Set up

                  This works for my Fad

                  Attachments: Thermal sight, Muzzle break

                  Perks: stalker, marathon, quick hands, scavenger

                  lethal: IED - when your on the run, drop this for a surprise for you pursuer

                  tactical: Smoke - helps you get up close to those campers,

                  Strike Package: Guard dog, trinity missile, Hind

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                    Re: Anybody got a good FAD Set up

                    My Setup


                    FAD with grip and silencer

                    No secondary

                    No lethal

                    No tactical



                         Stalker, Focus, Amplify, Dead Silence, SOH


                    Kill Streaks

                         IMS ,Trinity, Griphon

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                      Re: Anybody got a good FAD Set up

                      Grip and past that I like to use it like an SMG.  So speed perks are a must.  Agility, Marathon, and Ready up.

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                        Re: Anybody got a good FAD Set up

                        I have about 1300 kills on my FAD this is my fav loadout:


                        FAD Extended Mags, Silencer


                        Quickdraw, Steady aim, Fully Loaded OR Scavenger, Focus, Then a perk(s) of your choice..


                        Assault: Guard dog, Trinity Rocket, Maniac.

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