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    Post Your Funny COD Moments Here

      After seeing all the negativity day in and day out on this forum of people mainly just complaining about being killed, I thought I would start a thread where people could come in and post their funny moments in COD Multiplayer.


      I got this idea literally just now after having a match and this is my funny moment as of now.


      Playing a HCTDM on Siege and we had a substantial lead over the other team. What I did not know was that  they had a Riot Shielder on their team. I only died once by it because I miscalculated a few things but luckily for me, He always stayed in the same room and always went back to that very spot.


      After I respawned, I made it my mission to tube him constantly. So after 3 times killing him, I got him for the 4th time and what happened was, he was in the room where you could hop through a window into a room in a building that was across from the tower with the side wall blown out that snipers like to go to. Keeping that in mind, I saw the Oracle system highlight him in the adjoining room and knew it was safe to climb on the ledge. After I climbed on the ledge, he came running in at me so I backed up, and shot a tube right above his head and killed him. The thing that made this funny was that he called me a p***y and left soon after.


      I find it funny how a riot shielder, that camps in a room the whole game, would call a tuber that.


      Just when you thought you heard it all lol

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          1. Re: Post Your Funny COD Moments Here

          I hate tubers that spam the game, however it does have a purpose by pressuring the campers out of there little holes and not play objective games.. Clan Tubers are the worst period!! anyhow back to your questions, i find it funny that when you blow them up, they fly like superman and land in front of you and stop you from a dead sprint. They still wiggle after a few moments of there death, get a killcam of you killing them with a IED slap to the face.

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            2. Re: Post Your Funny COD Moments Here

            I was playing with some random stoner this morning who did nothing but talk about Marijuana legalization, just wouldn't shut up, he went 1-35 two games in a row... coincidence??

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              3. Re: Post Your Funny COD Moments Here

              cause he was stoned out of his mind.. think there needs to be a text test to see if your too drunk/high to play this game.

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                A recent funny moment I had was early this morning I was playing Infected on Prison Break ( MSBS ), and everyone in the lobby was a squeaker. Like everyone else I ran to the guard tower when the match started. I was doing pretty good, the kids purposely got infected to prolong the game, but didn't care about dying as they would try to rush the guard tower. Throughput the match the squeakers trash talked about the KEM Strike, " Im going to get ", " No you're not! ", " Im a boss, so of course im going to KEM ". On and on they argued on the tower. In the meantime I was racking up kills with no effort at all. Soon the Fellowship of the Tower fell. However, a glimmer of light gloomed as being the last on the tower. 23, 24, 25 kill = KEM Strike. I got the KEM, but was over runned. I ran towards the railing, as i jumped onto the railing I called in the KEM. But i killed myself in the process. The squeakers though, treated me like a god. Every infected player followed me in a large group saying things like, " Shadow is a boss ", " Shadow is my hero ", " Holy ****! he got it, he got it! ". With one Survivor left, I sparked in luxury of having my followers. To end the match I killed the last survivor. And so goes the story of how I got 12 Friend Request in a row with fan mail ( All of which I declined ).

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                  I was playing HCTDM on warhawk and went into the second floor above the bakery and caught 4 guys on the enemy team in a corner humping each other ...good god did I laugh and almost felt imbarest that I walked in on them ....felt bad that I had to shoot them all .lol

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                    I was playing S&R in Strikezone on Team Tactical. Each team had a full roster going into the game, but after three lost rounds and one win, 2 teammates quit leaving only me and one other player to face certain defeat. As fate would have it and much to our surprise my remaining teammate and I went on to win the next three rounds by eliminating the entire enemy team clinching the match victory. If someone else had told this story I would have never believed them had I not been there myself.

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                      Wow. You guys have had some hilarious moments. Now mine doesn't feel so funny.


                      On Freight I was doing really good moving from one side of the map to the other. Back and forth. Well, one guy apparently was getting frustrated. In a kill feed I heard him say, "Damm. He just killed me on the ---"


                      So, to solve his dilemma, he and a teammate decided to camp just outside the back side of the building where the mixer thing moves as the door opens. I knew someone was in the area because I was heading that way through the tunnel and I saw a teammate disappear from the minimap. As I was waiting for the door to open, another teammate got killed in that building. Now I got worried because obviously the guy was ADS. To make matters worse, as the door was finishing the opening sequence, another of my teammates tried to rush the guy. Only, this time I could hear and see that there were TWO streams of bullets coming from where I thought the "camper" might be. Great. TWO campers. And they are BOTH ADS.


                      And then? It got worse. I heard a dog. So now I'm facing the prospect of taking on two ADS'd campers who also have a dog.


                      Well, I don't know if they weren't paying attention or what but I faced their direction and ADS'd myself and strafed to my left out of the tunnel. Yep. There they were. But I saw that one was just ahead of the other and the other was angled slightly so that, at best, he saw me in his peripheral vision. I thought to myself, "Oh, geez. It couldn't possibly be this easy." So, sure enough, I did not open fire right away. Instead, I moved a little more so that the first camper was blocking the line of fire of the second. I then opened fire and took both of them down. Their dog was a few feet to the left of them and as soon as the first foe went down, the dog started charging me. All I did was flinch to my left, never coming out of ADS and never letting off the trigger.


                      Triple kill, including the dog, just like that. I LMAO.


                      See? You CAN beat campers!

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                        8. Re: Post Your Funny COD Moments Here

                        In a TDM, I ran around a corner only to come face to face with an opponent.


                        Like a noob I immediatly panic fired and missed him completed as my opponent dropped to his knees, only for one of my stray bullets to headshot another opponent I'd not even seen who was running across the path some distance away.


                        Best thing was, this was the final kill, so the entire match got to enjoy my utter mediocreticy / luck.

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                          9. Re: Post Your Funny COD Moments Here

                          No matter what may happen in any game, the funniest thing in the world is always when you throw a bomb and it sticks to the guy you threw it at, lol.  The guy will always look down at his chest, turn in several circles, and eventually explode... maybe my mind adds in the panicked face expression for effect, lol.  Either way, it's hilarious and I love it!

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