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    tryhards bringing walkie talkie into snd...


      is this frawned upon?

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          no. i would say it's whatever you want to do. no one said you could not do something like that. in fact, xbox players have party chat meaning that they can talk to each other no matter what. i.e. if they are dead they can communicate still. and plenty of people skype while playing as well to keep talking. i do think it is nonsense that they can't talk to you after you die in SnD. you should b able to still communicate with each other. adds new tactics in the sense that even after dead a player can still help his team. that's just my 2 cents.


          gaming equipment should never be seen as cheap or "unfair". i hear people say headsets are unfair. lmao. how ? you can go buy one. anyone can. they aren't even expensive. anything that doesn't actually mod the game i.e. hack, mod controller, etc. shouldn't be seen as cheap. that person may just enjoy the game enough to invest in something for it. again i assume someone will say it is cheap. i just don't see it.

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            Where did this term "tryhards" come from? It's the most stupid term I've ever heard probably up there with the word "head glitcher"


            When you play any video game the whole point of playing is to have fun and do good. When I play COD I want to do good. I'm not interested in going 1-18 every game. So this made up word "tryhards" does not make any sense. There isn't one person who plays a video game to do bad, not one. No one uses this term in any other form except for video games and more specifically Call of Duty. You never hear people say this guy is a tryhard when you play basketball or baseball or whatever.


            Its enough with the word tryhard.

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                "There isn't one person who plays a video game to do bad, not one"


                Not true buddy,

                There are players (as you know) that in public matches consider the match a competition.  But on the other hand there are players that could care less and just be goofing off. I do both, sometimes I'm a tryhard and others (mostly when I play with friends) we will just goof off- which most of the time is actually more fun (or at least, funny). 


                When I goof off I could care less how bad I do (obviously), so I would never call someone a tryhard. And when I'm trying, I could care less if they state the obvious (that I'm a tryhard).

                So, if you are playing hard then you are a tryhard, but there is nothing wrong with that, it's just a description.

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                  I agree that very few 'try to do poorly' but doing good and having fun are different things to different people- for example:


                  Some of the most fun I've had was trying to slide knife for every kill.. We (I) got destroyed numbers wise but the challenge was a blast. I also consider going 8-22 slide knifing doing pretty well. So it really depends on the players perspective.


                  If I was looking for a serious competition, I wouldn't join a public server for reasons like these. 

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                  If players are seriously Skyping or using radios to communicate once they are killed it is a form of cheating. If you die you are out of the game you cannot communicate with a dead person..Also I have to laugh at players doing this just to win a video game. If only you were so much of a try hard at school or getting jobs....



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                    Jaliy wrote:


                    is this frawned upon?

                    what? How do you know they are walkie talkies? And what difference does that make from using a mic?

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                      Sounds like the work of people that aren't good at SnD to me.  Considering that all that they can do is spectate their own team then it's barely an advantage and a rather useless one at that if you are playing against a team that is communicating.  I know when I'm playing SnD I call out the enemies that are around me before engaging them just in case I go down.  I consider it my "Taking You With Me" package.  Even after death, I'll get my revenge.

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                        I am guessing you mean frowned upon. Why would it be frowned upon? Technology has grown over the years in ways of communcating in game. Like people have said above, you can already do this on XBOX. I play in the same room as my brother when we play and if I die first, he uses my screen to see what other teammates are doing. What if someone is watching a live stream? Technically, they can be doing the same thing.


                        If it's such a big deal, you can even get a ventrillo server and do the same thing with little to no issues.


                        My clan has been using TIKL app to communicate during games for a couple of years. It's a free app that is available on both Android and iOS for years. Would you throw a fit if I was playing with someone while talking to them on the phone?


                        You're getting worked up over something so insignificant. People who play together and communicate well will continue to do so and those who don't have the communication skills will be at a disadvantage. The question is, what can you do to make your game skills better?

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                          My friends and I started using skype because the chat cuts out and randomly mutes us so much on PS3.

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                            communicating after you are dead seems like cheating. that kinda defeats the purpose, don't ya think?

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                              I think it's cheating, but it seems to be common place nowadays, even that optic clan openly skype or team chat in casual matches when they're dead.

                              In my opinion you should only communicate whilst alive in game.