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    Pulze Gaming Clan lvl 14 Recruitment PS3

      Pulze Gaming is level 14 [GOLD TAG] and has 11 members. The best players from the clan has kd's on 2.07, 2.02 and 2.02 and they are very active players. We are looking for members with good kd's who wants to get en a competitive team. We are also looking for members who just wants to participate in clan wars.


      Clan war Division: Platinum

      Clan war rank: We lost the last clan war in rio de Janeiro and got a second place.


      The kd requirements doesn't mean that there is no chance of you to get in so please apply anyway maby we can figure out something. ;-)


      We got a lot of XP after the clan war for participating and getting a lot of capture points. We went from lvl 10 to lvl 14. So we now have the gold tag if anyone cares about it.



      KD requirements for competitive teams: 1.800 or higher

      KD requirements for Clan war Participation: 0.750 or higher



      Age: 15 years or older (If you are younger than 15 you have to be mature).

      Language: English

      Play for the objective at all time in clan wars and in training.

      Active player: You be online and play cod: Ghosts at least two times a week.(If something prevents you from being active please make sure that the Commander/leader or any Lieutenant knows about it or you might get kicked from the clan).

      Use of language: Talk nice to other members of the clan.


      There is no more requirements for now.

      There is a lot of time for fun in this clan so don't let the requirements scare you.


      We have 11 members. We got people from USA, Denmark, one from Belgium and two guys from United Kingdom


      Add me on PSN or ask for Invite/Apply.

      PSN: zodiax15

      You can also add our USA recruiter

      PSN: New_York_1983


      I hope to see more players in our clan soon.

      cya :-)