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        20. Re: why not capture (domination)

        The franchise is alive and well.

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          21. Re: why not capture (domination)

          I'm curious. What's your K/D right now?

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            22. Re: why not capture (domination)

            I'm not commenting on the purchases of this franchise or even its overall health, simply my personal opinion of it.  If some of these other FPS games are as good as I'm hearing I could see myself moving in that direction.  I've been playing since CoD4 and have slowly seen the game morph into the state it is now, selfish players, QS'ers, trollers and others who exploit it.


            The developers hands are tied really, which is the worst part.  You can't code around a community this large who searches vigorously to find loopholes.  Maybe I'm just the old guy who wants the kids off my lawn.

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              23. Re: why not capture (domination)

              Derp nevermind.

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                24. Re: why not capture (domination)

                I had a 1.5 KDR in MW2 (First CoD) and 2.4 KDR in BO1. I didn't play MW3 or BO2 so I had to get back used to CoD, and I only bought Ghosts last week. As it stands, my K/D is 1.43 which is pretty bad for my standard.

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                  25. Re: why not capture (domination)

                  Well, not to me; all i care about is KDR. And I will not be prestiging at all so yeah and none of my friends even care about the WLR so yeah again...

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                    26. Re: why not capture (domination)

                    Well, I don't really care if other people are not having fun by the way I play; as long as I am. So, I will carry on ruining people's Domination matches with my "Selfishness." To be honest, ruining the game for other people gives me even more of a buzz XD

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                      27. Re: why not capture (domination)

                      Yeah, I'd agree. That's an embarrassing KDR for playing the way you do.

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                        28. Re: why not capture (domination)

                        No, it's actually pretty good for someone who has literally not touched CoD or even FPS' for 2 years, and who has only had Ghosts since last week...

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                          29. Re: why not capture (domination)

                          No, the fundamental aspect of CoD is to HAVE FUN. Unfortunately, having fun means different things to different people.


                          For you, an inflated stat to make you feel good about the player you think you are is what makes the game fun. For others, they are all about LOOOOOONG win streaks and big W/L numbers. Others like to go into lobbies w/ the purpose of pissing other people off (ie trolling).


                          The rub is, CoD can't be all things to everyone.


                          The illusion of YOUR KDR representing you as a good player is as BS as the guy that says "My KDR is low because I play the objective". Get over yourselves. Your KDR is low because you aren't that good at the game. Plain and simple. I know PLENTY of really good CoD players with 2/3/4 and even 5KDR's that end Domination games with double digit captures.


                          Play YOUR game and have fun. The players on the other mics could really care less about what you think.






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