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        60. Re: why not capture (domination)
        It would be interesting if they imposed a rule similar what I think ghost did for blops 2, where if you're in game and haven't attempted to capture a sinlge point,  then you're prompted to quit?
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          61. Re: why not capture (domination)

          This has been an issue with every CoD I have played, from W@W onwards. People are free to play the game as they wish, which is the essence of a FPS. Treyarch gave players an incentive to play the objective and it was partially sucessful, but there were still plenty who just used objective games to boost their KDR.


          Personally I have never been a fan of seeing other players stats. I am only interested in my own, and only as a guide to how well I am performing. Others can't tell how good or not I am from my stats, because only I know how I got them. Others don't know how many domination matches I have spent kill whoring, how many I have played the objective hard, how many I have set about completing operations, how many matches I have had bad connections, and simply how many matches I have goofed around. I know when I am on form and have a good connection I can mix it with some very good players, but that doesn't happen every match.


          The bottom line is I play how I want and others are free to do the same. If I don't like how my team mates play I am free to leave the match or lobby, so is everybody else if they don't like how I play.

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            62. Re: why not capture (domination)

            Players like you are the reason any COD game becomes dull.


            Out of interest, what is your KD?


            I constantly run into players with 3-4 KD's in dom who back out after the first 20 points once they are being destroyed.  KD means nothing in COD,  doesn't make you a good player.  I've got a 2.5 KD and 16.5 win/loss playing domination and only play in parties of 3 at the most. 


            My mates and I constantly laugh at people with high KD's and negative win/loss ratios that think they are good.


            For the record,  I have a 7 KD in TDM but anyone can get that if all you've got to do is gets kills and as you say,  if you don't play the objective is dom, the spawns are easy to predict but anyone playing like that should have easily an 8 KD.


            I uploaded a video to youtube just the other day of a KEM I got against a "team" of 3 KD players that were too afraid to touch a flag.


            Really makes my blood boil.

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              63. Re: why not capture (domination)

              Domination has become infuriating when playing on my lonesome, which is often the case at the moment. The amount of players who exploit this mode in a desperate, pathetic attempt to inflate their kill ratios - as well as their egos it would seem - is incredible.


              Only last night I was dropped into a game and placed on the team trailing by a score of something like 30 - a paltry figure compared with the deficits you are often presented with when dropped into a game. Our team seemed to have a constant stream of aerial killstreaks, yet we could not retain a flag for any meaningful period of time. Come the end we lost in agonising fashion, by something like a score of 4 or 5. I was seething, as well as slightly perplexed. I had 5 captures (nothing special) as well as numerous defends (no idea how many), but when I looked at the final scoreboard only one person had a capture, and it was a solitary capture (probably the initial flag upon starting the match). I'm not even kidding. No exaggeration on my part whatsoever.


              There were a few similar instances in other matches that same night (one where we actually won despite having two players go 40-14ish with a capture between them), although the example above was by far the worst. I know it is the prerogative of the individual to play any game how they please but some really do take the piss. Knew there was a reason I avoided this mode like the plague on previous versions of the game.

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                64. Re: why not capture (domination)

                AGreed... I remember a gamem of DOM in MW3 with Ghamorra, and Izjar. We got seriously beat up: Spawn trapped in the bunker, and MOABed. They had streaks in the air for the most part of the game...


                And we won because we played the objective (when we could lol).  Our KDs were obviously in the toilet. They were surprised that pulled the win.


                That brings to mind another time some person after the match was honestly surprised and confused that we won the game because our entire team was negative (KD).  It made me realize that some people really have no idea what they are doing in other game modes (than TDM)

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                  65. Re: why not capture (domination)

                  I hear you Pamino. I was furious yesterday when my bro and I were struggling to keep our base flag capped and try to capture the second flag. We'd get it, just one of us (one of us was usually trying to fend off the defenders) ... and then look up and see that our base flag was lost. We were like, "WTF? Where's our team? All they had to do was hold one damm flag!" At the end of the match, we both had 3 caps each ... and our two teammates had 1 each (the initial cap). What was worse is that while we both went negative by a couple kills each, our teammates were like 7 or 8 and 20+.


                  To be honest, it felt like they were helping the other team boost. It was that bad.

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                    66. Re: why not capture (domination)

                    I only play domination, and in my experience the majority of the time the winning team are negative in KDR. If not the whole team, then at least the person who capped the most. The best players I have seen are those who cap sensibly, defend, but don't actually care if they go negative., as long as they win. A lot of the time playing with that attitude you actually find yourself going positive anyway. I'm happier going 22-21 with 5 or so caps and a win than going 15-3 1 cap and losing.

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                      67. Re: why not capture (domination)

                      Good players dont care about kill death ratios, good players care about the win, when optic and other pro teams play a game for big money, do you think they sit back and make sure there KD is good or do you think they rush, take the flags go negative and win the $400,000 for the championship. Good players win, end of.


                      If you are one of those players who sits back and worry about kill ratios you are rubbish at call of duty and will get ripped to pieces by any organised clan.

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                        68. Re: why not capture (domination)

                        I have not heard such pretentious drivel, such as this, in a very long time.


                        There is the small matter of cash (not withstanding the potential for prestige and fame) acting as an incentive for the victorious individual/group when it comes to the tournaments you are referring to. How can you seriously compare the individuals at these tournaments to those which casually game in public lobbies, often on their lonesome? It's utterly ridiculous.

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                          69. Re: why not capture (domination)

                          Pamino has a good point - not only is there a different incentive, the rules are different.


                          And, sorry, but a guy that gets 10 caps while going 5 and 25? He's the reason the team lost, not the reason the team won. I'm not going to say a high kdr matters in objective modes, but it does matter. It matters because of streak rewards. Remove streak rewards and then you have a point BlackHawk.

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