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      I´ve had my fair share of mixing and matching, so far, according to my gameplay. I´d like to know what you think of my loadout, perhaps know what you guys are using, and find new ways to improve my game.


      I´m best with Weapon Specialist, hence I use the following Loadout:


      Explosive Ammo - In case your not that great a shot, this ammo helps you out, if you shoot close to the alien, it will inflict damage. once you get towards the final hives, specially the boss hives, you will be providing ammo very very very frequently, perhaps every 20-30 seconds you will need to throw down ammo for the team.


      Feral Instinct - Once you get toward the final hives, this support comes to be very important, plus, once you activate the nuke, you´ll need to get out ASAP. Don´t do ammo and armor, I don´t think your wallet will allow you to comply with such expidenture, plus you are a group, and you must play as one.


      Sentry - Helps you to eliminate the enemy as it may take a few seconds to reload, its extremly helpful when the rhinos appear, if you upgrade to Max. you will be able to use two sentrys; if all four members have sentrys, progress in the game will be very smooth, and rhinos will not be that great a challenge, though you must place the sentrys very wisely.


      Crowd Control - Helps out when you have the rhino on you, you can defend yourself, as the team swarms bullets down his throat. Also, you can carry it on your back and protect yourself from sneaky attacks. though, if you can help it, let the Tank specialist get the rhinos attention, you are more helpful jamming bullets into the enemy.


      Guys, do not be cheap with your group, supply them as often as you can. though basicly, you need two things: Ammo and Armor. I find it helpful for there to be two people throwing down ammo, if im throwing down explosive ammo, the other should throw down another type, i suggest Piercing ammo. You can carry two types of ammo, this way you will always have ammo on you.


      As far as challenges go, it is easier for the person with weapon specialist to accomplish a couple of challenges, such as:

      - Kill 25 aliens with:  1.SMG 2.Assault Rifle 3. Sniper, etc.

      Hence, you should be the one go buy such guns as you are most capable of doing such work.


      If you´re interested in team playing, add me: YamilArias88.

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          Its a good loadout.

          I often use medic with armor or team booster but this is if im playing with a team.

          if solo I use tank with armor.

          other then that I use the same as you.

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            I find the best loadout for weapon specialist is:

            explosive ammo, for the same reason, also helps when you are being swarmed by smaller aliens and you can deal damage to all of them. The explosive ammo works great for the weapon challenges since you can take out lots of aliens easily with a sniper or shotgun.

            I always have armor so I can be well balanced without having to do a lot of loadout swopping while lobbying up with randoms.

            I also use the sentry all the time unless my whole team has sentries then I use the vulture to provide a bit of running cover during escapes

            I don't like having the riot shield as an equalizer, its just another thing to distract me. I prefer having the DM to take out rhinos or for when I am out of ammo in a tight situation.

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                I used the Death Machine as my equalizer last night, and did great; i usually finish in about an hour, with the death machine i got through the mission in like 40-45 min, i know this time can be improved if the loadout of my team members were better. It´s really helpful whenever a rhino shows up, you can basicly take him on by yourself with the DM and still have ammo left over to take out another rhino. With the Death Machine you can get through the last two hives very easy. Also, if you are in a team with noobs, the death machine will help you take out the aliens when they start to overwhelm you. I recommend at least one person (hopefully the person with weapon specialist) has the Death machine in their loadout. You should not go into the last cabin area without having the DM maxed out.


                Thanks for the comment Thanat0s_ZA

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                I'm not sure how anyone can like any class other than Medic in all honesty.

                With the amount of scorpions, especially in the cabin area, you really need it, and even more so if your team isn't very strong and/or aware to kill the scorpions as soon as they appear. More often than not, what usually downs my teammates, is with them not being Medic and having the Scorpions Gas Cloud hurt them a lot (it takes quite a lot of health/armor away just being in it for a second). Just imagine that when theer are 6 or 7 shooting their gas/venom at you, people easily get downed.


                For that reason alone, I always use Medic. I'm hoping the new maps, if they don't have new classes, then hopefully the new enemies (assuming there are some) will make it so another class works best. So, lets say there are no scorpions on the new maps for extinction, it's not a rush to get that bit unlocked. Perhaps faster creatures, so then using weapon specialist is better to use.


                Also, if you're someone who loves the fast reload, like we all do, then use Team Booster with Medic.


                I always love Explosive Ammo, along with either the Death Machine or Riot Shield.

                Which one of those Equalizers all depends on my team and how new they are to the game. If they are newbs then I use the shield because I know I will be reviving a lot, or assume so anyway.


                I usually always use Feral, and upgrade that pretty fast, so then I can easily escape situations and if my team gets downed (any of them, or all of them), I can basically run a bit so the creatures follow me, getting my health back up, then go back to them and revive.


                Oh and of course, who doesn't use a sentry? I do some times (rarely) use the Vulture, but in comparison to the sentry, the vulture is really rubbish (and you unlock it after the sentry, right?).



                It all depends on what type of a character you are. I always fully stock up my ammo (upgrade, I mean), and because I use feral, not armor, it's not VITAL for me to constantly supply it (although I do).So, I see my duty as supplying ammo, then people with armor should worry about supplying that, not ammo.



                Haha wall of text. Ok I shall stop typing now

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                    I agree with you on many levels, I just wanted to point out how my loadout is selected, and why, basicly so if any newbie were to come to these forums he can learn a thing or two and get a better understanding. nevertheless, there are many combinations to test, and I do believe, there is no right or wrong as long as you coordinate with the rest of your team. Keeping in mind that there are better loadouts than others, the key to completing the mission is to work as a team and not work individually.


                    Don´t worry about writing too much, i always enjoy getting other peoples feedback.

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                        That's the awesome thing (or one of anyway) about Extinction. There is no better class, or better combination. Which is brilliant. I have tried Tank before and didn't like it. I felt like I was invincible, because I had more health, so did stupid things I would never normally do, and shouldn't, resulting in me getting downed several times haha. I've never tried Engineer.


                        I hate it when the team all ready up whilst you're trying to co-ordinate your stuff. I always change to one of their ammo's if they are  not using Explosive. If all of them are using Feral, I will switch to Armor.


                        I've been put in too many games where no one has had armor at all.

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