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    Re: My Wii SWAP Force game keeps freezing.  Anyone else having this same problem?

      Sons been playing swap force on wii since xmas was fine for first 5 days its now keeps freezing in various parts of the game including story and battle modes. Have tried disconnecting the internet and even swapped consoles and any other suggestion that has been mentioned to no avail. Interested to see what if any solution Activision come up with but as the game has been out a few months already not hopeful.

        • Re: My Wii SWAP Force game keeps freezing.  Anyone else having this same problem?

          Hi Chi99y37,


          I've moved your post into it's own discussion so that your particular issue can be addressed to avoid any confusion with another user's discussion.


          It's not clear what other troubleshooting steps you have tried.  If you haven't already done so, can you pleas try the following:


          • Make sure the portal cable is not bound and is completely extended.
          • Check to see if the portal is near any other electronic devices or other portals.  If so, please move the portal away from the devices.
          • Check the game disc for any scratches, fingerprints or cracks.  If any smudges on the disc, be sure to clean the disc with a non-abrasive cloth.  Do not use water or chemicals.
          • Also, you may want to try clearing up some space by removing any data no longer in use on the SD card or on the console itself.


          You also mentioned you "swapped consoles."  Can you please clarify if you tried the disc on another console and whether or not the freezing still occurred?  Additionally, are you saving your game to an SD card or the console itself?  Please specify the amount of available space left on the console and the SD card.


          Thanks ^AH