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    Get back to basics and make COD great again!

      I remember when COD used to be a blast to play. COD4 was where it all started for me and I have to say still remains the most fun I've had in the entire series. Sure it had its flaws but they were simple fixes. The overall experience has yet to be duplicated in any other COD to date. Subsequent titles have had some interesting mechanic changes but continued to move away from the greatness of COD4. With the release of Ghosts I feel really let down by what this game has become and it will be the last COD I purchase until they get back to basics. Below I offer my opinion for getting back to basics:



      1. Return to the 3,5,7 killstreak loadout

      2. Minimize the number of perks and keep them simple

      3. Dedicated servers, no more lag comp

      4. Focus on intelligent map design rather than re-skins. Again, keep it simple

      5. Return to the fast paced "arcade style" shooter that used to be COD

      6. Don't slap the game together in a few months and call it innovative. Take your time.

      7. Actually release a beta

      8. Think of the consumer as more than a moron

      9. Make guns with character and balance. Keep the attachments few and simple.

      10. Stop catering to the underage fan base (game is MA rated for a reason)

      11. Do not copy Battlefield in any way, shape or form. COD is the leader. Act like it

      12. Focus on Multiplayer far more than Singleplayer. After all it's the bread and butter of COD


      This is just one loyal COD fans opinion for improving the game for future releases. Thanks for reading!


      P.S. No hate comments. Have an intelligent discussion and constructive feedback please.

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          1. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

          Agree with every point you made. I would also add, return the netcode to what it was before BO1 was released.


          Number 10 stands out especially to me. Can't believe they have resorted to playing "dress up" with the characters. What mature adult want's to play dress up in a war game.

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            2. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

            First of all if you have dedicated servers you still NEED lag comp. ALL online games have lag comp.


            Game is rated M for a reason yet (in america) there is NO law that prevents a ten year old from buying or playing the game.


            No offense but if you want an intelligent discussion you need to think before you post too.


            Oh and "the basics" of COD never included dedicated servers.


            The didnt release a beta but yet you still bought it. Nice way to stick to your guns.

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              3. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

              I should have stated that Lag Comp should be addressed rather than removed. So thank you for that. As far as the age issue is concerned I never said there was a law that prevented them from buying the game. I simply said the devs should not cater to that fan base.


              Oh and thanks for the snide remark regarding my intelligence. Very mature

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                4. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

                Your welcome but I did not call you unintelligent . I never insulted you. I just said you need to think before you post. Notice the words "no offense" before I posted ? Would you have me rather post "well I read your posts but I dont think you thought out every part of each of your posts before you replied". See you still would have said the same thing.


                ONLINE portion of the game is not rated M for mature it is unrated. They are allowed to cater to whomever they wish if they are allowed to sell to children. Its not like they are making a cartoon camel selling cigarettes.


                and you admitted that point 3 was poorly worded. If you had thought about that sentence before you hit reply there wouldnt be any question would there ?


                You didnt say "no more lag comp issues" you said "no more lag comp". And even WITH dedicated servers you are still going to have lag comp issues. They arent some kind of magical wand to make the problems go away. If you have 100 PING to both the Host or the Server in both cases you will have problems.


                PS Edit button is to the right of your post

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                  5. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

                  Hindsight is always 20/20.


                  If you don't move a product forward, it dies.

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                    6. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

                    I agree with most of what you said.

                    There does need to be lag comp even on dedicated servers. They would provide a more stable connection but could never be totally lag free. I also like many options for killstreaks but I think they should stop at 10 and not be too powerful to the point where they provide automatic wins or easy kills like the oracle.

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                      7. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

                      This is a classic case of rose colored goggles wrapped too tightly around one's head (or up one's arse).


                      Why should Call of Duty be reverted back to the classics?  Why should I be limited to three perks and three killstreaks?  The future Call of Duty titles have allowed more variety in character customization in regards to the killstreaks, perks, attachments, and more.  The previous entries, while nostalgic, are outdated as result.  If you want the classic experience, then play the classic games.


                      Also, Call of Duty games don't take a few months to make, dedicated servers are too expensive if they operated at 100% for all platforms, and the ESRB rating does not apply to online interactions aka the entire multiplayer in general.  In addition, why focus more on multiplayer?  Not everybody has internet or is interested in Call of Duty's multiplayer--you'd be surprised, but some like it just for single player.


                      P.S. - The whole "COD is the leader" over Battlefield makes you sound like a fanboy.  Granted I like COD over Battlefield, but BF has its merits as well. 


                      ~RUGGED SAVIOR

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                        8. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

                        I disagree with your statement sir. Having character customization is a wonderful thing. Im sorry your mind can only see it as a childish thing. But hey- thats your schtick.


                        I see it as a better way for players to connect with who they are. CoD has become bland enough that everyone runs around, never uses map control, cant even use basic "stay alive" mindset, otherwise your a camper.


                        IW and devs did a great job with this game. You either play smart, or lose. (If luck isnt a factor)

                        Id like to see more customization. My only gripe is that people dont play smart. they dont like change.

                        I think there is a way forward, but like it or not, your gonna have to make changes. Its never as mundane as one may think.


                        ON topic: I can see how one wouldnt see customization as useful, but looking at it as "dress-up" just makes me laugh, you know there are others with imaginations who can make a game more than just a game. Im sorry you're not one of those people...

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                          9. Re: Get back to basics and make COD great again!

                          If you move a product in the wrong direction it also dies....

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