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        Please enlighten us on how twenty something similar uniforms are making fashion statements. I would love to know how they are allowing people to make fashion statements since they pretty much look the same. Please show us some logic behind your statements instead of repeating it over and over we get it you hate the ability to be individuals or be different.

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          Noctis Everto

          Perhaps its possible that to win a war, you be ready for EVERY scenario? All is fair in love and war...

          Back in the day they used to line up and shoot eachother, then someone got the idea of guerrilla warfare, and war has always been evolving.


          Why should any game depicting any type on conflict (Battlefield is all-out war, Call of Duty is Squad based skirmishes.) play by a set of rules such as "cheap" tactics and the like?


          Ghosts couldve done better with their customization to broaden the appeal... like actual camoflage designs and color schemes soldeirs in real war would use.


          I normally complain about danger close c4 shielders, but I die again and again because I forget to change one class to make that problem easier to deal with. You dont even need anything fancy if you decide to go for a stealth takedown instead.


          The CoDdevs seem to be making their games in the extremes: IW being one for the tactician, complex maps, slow-heart pounding action where death may lie around every turn, but its controllable chaos, if you know what to do.


          Treyarch likes to get to the point. In your face!  small maps, simplistic design, rewards that kick for the higher players earning them. 


          But thats only my POV, im the kind of gamer who would prefer to win at all costs, but I choose stealth. There is a difference, between playing stealthy, and "camping" the stealthy ones are just so good at what they do you cant tell the difference


          My mindset is, and has been from day one to play defensively. I was taught from CoD4 the art of playing and being aware.



          Last note: Think of everyones own opinion as a 2-d surface, left and right, right and wrong. But as you know there is a 3rd dimension, heck, whos to say there arent any more but we cannot see. The same thing can be said here, one man sees camping, or something they see as useless (Customization) While another sees opportunity, and victory.


          Sorry for the lengthy post! I hope I could at least better explain a new POV, not that anyone is wrong, or that I want you to follow suit, just understand that side and its benefits.

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            I harbor no hate towards the game. I'm just sick of sitting back watching the COD series head full steam towards an iceburg with no captain to turn the wheel. It's been progressively getting worse the last 3 years. Someone needs to shell out idea's because apparently IW/Activision does not have any good one's of their own. You can either be part of the group that sits and watches it crash by defending it till its death or be part of the change that steers the ship to safety. I choose the latter.

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              When you go out on a date  to a fancy restaurant to eat is it because you like the way the forks look ?


              Or is it a multitude of things that go together to make you choose that one restaurant ?

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                Yeah but other COD used to have differences in them. Like Emblems on your guns or on your sleeve. Sure its not that noticeable but when someone sees it sometimes its cool.


                some people put up a different emblem in the game just because it felt it gave them an edge and added some of your style choices to make the game a little more your own. Even if you only saw it briefly.

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                  MadMike2099 wrote:


                  I remember when COD used to be a blast to play. COD4 was where it all started for me and I have to say still remains the most fun I've had in the entire series. Sure it had its flaws but they were simple fixes. The overall experience has yet to be duplicated in any other COD to date. Subsequent titles have had some interesting mechanic changes but continued to move away from the greatness of COD4. With the release of Ghosts I feel really let down by what this game has become and it will be the last COD I purchase until they get back to basics. Below I offer my opinion for getting back to basics:



                  1. Return to the 3,5,7 killstreak loadout

                  2. Minimize the number of perks and keep them simple

                  4. Focus on intelligent map design rather than re-skins. Again, keep it simple

                  7. Actually release a beta

                  8. Think of the consumer as more than a moron

                  12. Focus on Multiplayer far more than Singleplayer. After all it's the bread and butter of COD


                  Agree with these and would add:


                  1. Do not allow them to recycle in one life.

                  4. Personally have no issue with Ghosts' map design. I do agree with the POV in general.

                  7. As long as the community treats it as a beta and not a demo.


                  MadMike2099 wrote:


                  3. Dedicated servers, no more lag comp

                  5. Return to the fast paced "arcade style" shooter that used to be COD

                  6. Don't slap the game together in a few months and call it innovative. Take your time.

                  9. Make guns with character and balance. Keep the attachments few and simple.

                  10. Stop catering to the underage fan base (game is MA rated for a reason)

                  11. Do not copy Battlefield in any way, shape or form. COD is the leader. Act like it





                  Disagree with these:


                  3. Until ping is near 0... there is a need for lag comp. Dedis or not.

                  5. I find the pace and tactics of Ghosts to be like COD4. No need for the term "used" to be. Needs to retain going forward.

                  6. Dev cycle currently is 2 years.

                  9. I like having multiple attachments... best gun balance is against it's own characteristics.

                  10. Online play is not rated in the USA... nothing wrong with kids providing input.

                  11. You can always improve and sometimes your competition gets things right. (e.g. selective ROF, kit changes iduring a match).





                  FYI... your points 3 and 11 conflict.


                  Nice post.

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                    Another person that thinks COD4 is "back to basics." COD4 is not the staple of the franchise, it had loads of problems most of which have been nerfed significantly or removed entirely. COD does not need to bring anything back from the Modern Warfare series. 

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                      So its your choice not to buy it. But after three years of going toward that iceberg you still came on board didnt you ?


                      I can understand if you have ill feelings and a game is not going your way but take care of it like you would do if you hated your girlfreind. Either adapt to the situation or dump her.


                      They cant make everyone happy and I am sure that their main concern right now is not to bend over backwards and make you happy.


                      "Oh my god Lewdmouth just posted on the forum that COD is a sinking ship. We need to stop what we are doing and hold a meeting. Lets just ignore the other 8 million people that like this game".


                      You are totally blind and dont understand a thing. I am NOT defending this game to the death, I find many things wrong with this game. The problem is that I act like an adult and make decisions about it yet all you do is cry and moan all day.


                      If this ship is going to crash into an iceberg you sitting at the back paddling your feet isnt going to stop it. If the game keeps getting progressively worse over the past 3 years where were you when you decided to reach into your wallet ?


                      Complaining on a forum day after day is not going to make them change. Standing up and not buying the game will. You want to help this game try doing it the smart way instead of giving IGN some IP addresses hoping IGN will shut down the machine for you. Because once you (supposedly) sold them secrets to the bomb that will blow up in Activisions face you sold you only (supposed again) chance to make something out of it.



                      So they didnt have any good ideas of their own but YET the last two or three games all broke world records. top selling game for about 5 years in a row. Yep they dont know what they are doing.

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                        Noctis Everto

                        Well, Im no child, Id enjoy purchasing some that really speak to me and ignor the stuff im not interested in. Why does it make you a child to want to stand out, instead of being the same bald soldier dying over and over, mind numbing boredom.


                        It may not interest you now, but this was step one for further customization. Eventually Id like to see a wider variety from the get-go.


                        If we all were to drive the same cars, be the same color, wear same clothes, and the same breed/species of animal as everyone else it wouldnt make for a good time.

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