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    Kill confirmed I am a little Confused

      I was playing killed confirmed earlier today.  I came across something that really rubbed me the wrong way. I was running an SVU stealth class with Amplify on and I heard some foot steps coming.  The opponents were close so, I fell back around another corner to try and set up an ambush. Unfortunately, there was an enemy standing there with a shotgun waiting for me.  I was midsprint with a marksman rifle, so I stopped and tried to ads.  Then the shotgun guy died, I had a team mate behind him with a sniper rifle.  However, the other footsteps were coming so I spun around to deal with the new threat.  There were two of them.  I took two steps foreward and knifed the closer of the two opponents.  My guardian angel with the sniper rifle shot and got the other one.


      I quickly grabbed the two tags in front of me and backed into cover. I took a moment to plug in my mic and I thanked my team mate for saving my butt. His response to me was rather vulgar.  "Those were my kills why did you take my tag!"  There were a few curse words used as adjectives I ommitted from the sentence.  I got quite an earfull from him about me being a theif. I dropped the issue and continued the game.


      Later on I caught another pair of the opposing team in the open and dropped them.  I reloaed the rifle and looked down and the teammate from earlier ran by and took both the confirm tags.  The he chatted to me, "Ha Ha, I got your tags how do you like it?"  My respones was that I was very happy and I thanked him for grabbing them. Why not, when you kill somebody in killed confirmed you get 50xp. You get an additional 50xp when the tag gets picked up whether you do it yourself or a teammate does it for you.  However, if a team mate collects it they get 50 xp as well.  So, I got 100 xp from him grabbing the two tags and I didn't have to run out in the open and risk dying to get them.  Normally in this game mode I go after my tags unless I see a team mate trying to get them.  In that case I let them have them, because it get's both of us the 50 xp.  I got another string of cussing from him and then he left the game.


      I am not mad at him at all over the exchange. But this isn't the first time I have seen this and I didn't get a chance to explain it to him before I left. So, I thought I would post this. If you are reading this, I hope there are no hard feelings over the tags. Also, thanks a lot for saving my bacon earlier today.