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      Hello I got on black ops 2 today and the message that popped up said The profile () has been temporarily banned from playing Call of

      Duty: Black ops 2 online due to a violation of the posted Security & Enforcement Policy. The thing is I didnt do anything wrong, I didnt hack mod or boost , but yesterday I was searching for a lobby with two friends and we got into a pregame lobby but at the time we didnt know he was a hacker [Removed by Moderator] ^AH (I think that was the gamertag) but once the game started thats when all this hacking/modding happened. We were on his team so we were able to fly and godmode so we played for like 3 minutes because we had no idea what was happening to us but when we tried to leave it wouldnt let us. I didnt do any wrong I tried to leave i couldnt i pressed the start button it didnt pull up the screen to leave. Im banned for 6 days but I want this fixed now I worked hard for those diamond weapons and now there all gone due to something I couldnt prevent. PLEASE FIX. My Gamertag is [Removed by Moderator] ^AH my two friends were [Removed by Moderator] ^AH. Please Im begging I tried so hard to get those weapons and there all gone thats all my time on this game just GONE. PLEASE do what you can to fix this im begging you. Thank you for your time.


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