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    My profile was modded please help.


      This happened a few days ago. I was playing domination and I got an invite to a game and I joined it, it was on prison break. After a few minutes in the game I was kicked and I got a error message that said "Enjoy your stats and unlocks." After this I looked and I was 10th level 60 with everything unlocked. I was just wondering if I can get my old stats back. (This lobby changed my stats KILLS/DEATHS/WINS/DAYS) and stuff. It ruined my K/D and my W/L. I was wondering if this can be fixed.



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          Nope. Not at all. And you could even get banned for it. Seriously, I am not kidding. They cant even fix your score.


          Now according to XBL policy YOU are responsible for everything on your account. Then you have to consider that EVERY message you send or receive is stored in the MS database. So if you contacted someone before you joined MS could then ban you.


          PS Activision moderators check all the hacking sites If they see a "let me join, my gamertag is soandso" on a modding site you WILL then be banned.


          Honestly sorry to say this and I am being truthful there is nothing you can do.


          Now you COULD file an Unauthorized Access with MS, but they will basically make an IRS audit seem like a party compared to how they go thru all your history.


          NEVER join a lobby from strangers just like dont accept candy from strangers.


          And Activision already patched that  "hack". As far as I know you now have to purposely go thru certain steps to "unlock" them. Like when the major hack that went thru one of the older CODs MS knew you couldnt accidentally join a modded lobby, that you actually had to go thru the private match settings to load the hack with the host. So they could tell if you did that too.

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            Nope...you joined a private match and you paid the price...I never accept random invites...ever.  If you don't know the person inviting you, and you joined, you deserve it.

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              I also hear there is a Nigerian Prince who could use your help. You always accept random invites from people you don't know?


              Something tells me you are leaving out a detail or two.

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                Thanks for the replies. I guess I should have expected this from and IW game anyways. They probably won't stop whats going on either :/

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                  Oh yes, blame the fork and McDonalds for making you fat, blame the gun for the killings...you accepted the invite, not IW, not Activision.  Man up and take responsibility for your actions you child.

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                    Of what I've heard of, no, your stats are locked. Maybe IW will release a reset stats option. But from what I know, you're stuck. You should report the people who invited you to the lobby for at least a little revenge. Sorry to hear that happened.

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                      They can't monitor every interaction all the time. Report the lobby and they will do what they can. Sadly the Hackers always seem to be a step ahead, true for any company dealing with Internet Security.


                      But ultimately... YOU are responsible for your account.

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                        Yeah I do join game invites. Usually the people inviting me are my recent players who are in a party and are trying to pubstomp so I like to join and destroy them and make them retire from their pubstomping career.

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                          Why did you think that you had to accept the policies of Xbox Live before you made your gamertag. One of them is not playing with anyone using game exploits. It isnt their fault you joined that modded lobby and you know it.


                          I can tell you the truth but you dont want to hear that. I bet if you posted your gamertag we would find it on a hacking site.

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