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    snipers ruin the game, why do they give snipers so much control in cod?

      Snipers with  thermal scopes have far to much control over the outcome of all games in COD. For me it ruins what could be a good game. I know there is a sm clique that control these boards and worship sniping because it makes them feel superior to those of us that despise them and in some situations where there are open areas on maps they make sense but in small rooms where a long barreled rifle would take far too long to raise and shoot they still are able to dominate. Most often times they miss their target yet still get the kill, many times they're not even close yet still get the kill. They'll often hit a doorway or stone wall when a target is running through and still get the kill, this is an unfair advantage and ruins a good game.

      I have owned and played every COD game made and have seen that the favorite gun for hacker's is the snipers rifle and something needs to be done to limit the control snipers have in the game.We all don't have the time to master the art of hacking video games and would like to be able to enjoy playing without going 5 and 25 or worse every time we play a game. When I play a game with a sniper in it I go straight to the gamers card and block them from playing but they still end up in games where I play even though they're blocked.

      They also need to do a better job at balancing the players, playing with players that have similar skills competing against one another. There is no point putting someone that has a K/D ratio of 4.0 , 3.0 or 2.0 against players with .500 or worse, it just makes for a slaughter and why put an amature against a pro ? Do high school football players play against the NFL? Do high school wrestlers go into the MMA to be slaughtered? If you want to play and have fun there needs to be balance, give the snipers there own maps and let them play each other or set up a few maps where its amatures only and ban the 12 yr old hacks from playing there  !