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    Ghost APP - Really

      Why has the decision to introduce the APP only been taken??


      I have 26 members in my clan and only 4 of those members are able to access the app, not just because they dont have a device to do so, but also because the smartphone they have is not supported.


      This is another failure in my eyes for IW and the decision to introduce a website should be taken so then these gamers can utilise gameplay options fully.

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          I agree,it is a bit silly.My only suggestion is to root the android devices to install the app.My Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 isnt compatible apparently but i got it working.just make sure you get the most recent apk file.

          Not surprising really seeing as Beach Head couldnt get Elite working properly after 2 years,so i have no faith in them with the cod app.

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            That app is complete garbage, it hardly even works after you get it installed. It keeps giving errors whenever I tried to use it. Besides, I don't want to have to use my smartphone to access this stuff for the game anyway. I have a perfectly good PC with a much larger screen that would serve the purpose just fine. Instead they wanted to force this crap on their community to make it seem as though they have a successful second screen experience. Just read through the reviews for the app itself, TONS of people either hate it or can't get it to work properly. You would think someone would say something over there at IW or BH and put up a fricken site for it already. Ghosts has really failed on the competitive scene.

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              I am having the same problem, I just received a samsung galaxy ace for Xmas specifically with the intention of installing this app but now I find out the app in incompatible with this device. So now the only way I can access it is to borrow a friends ipad or hope there is another clan member on who can use it. Would it really be so hard to have this thing built into the game engine, all I need to know is our current war standings and what game modes we need to be playing, come on IW sort this out!

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                this app sucks. can do most of the changes on it from my phone and cant get to it from my xbox or computer. cant add a clan name from it this it a joke. and the server in the game is getting just as bad

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                  It is very poor.  Not to mention it absolutely eats data.


                  Elite was more stable, and that's saying something!

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                      I loved Elite, and am seriously disappointed they didn't just clean it up and keep using it.  This app/second screen experience is useless, and does absolutely nothing that couldn;t just be done by having the clan op information in the clan tab of the game.


                      This information belongs in the game or on a website, where everyone who plays can use it.  instead I have to tell my friends to constantly check what we should be playing, and if they aren't on then I just have to guess?


                      Also, what benefit is there to playing clan ops with your friends?  You get the same number of wins by yourself as you do with 4 clan members, so we would be better off if we split up and get more wins than 1 win together, right?  What a stupid  system.

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                      This app is so freaking frustrating. It hardly ever works which makes it difficult to track the clan wars info. Need a website.


                      Another fail by this game and IW

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                        Quick tips before you begin.

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                          I personally think it should all be IN THE GAME!

                          I don't want my phone out, a tablet or have to log into my pc while playing a console, just to see stats about the game I'm playing.

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                            I have a Samsung Galaxy Proclaim, that I was able to get the app to work, after seeing a post on the forums here. It didn't work all that well, having low memory and such. But it kinda worked. Since then I upgraded my laptop to Windows 8.1, and the app works awesome on it, even though it feels like it's an incomplete piece of crap. A website would be better for those who can't access it. In-game is also an option.


                            Say in Clan Wars, there should be a section that shows the nodes map, instead of having to use the app. Also in that menu, should they implement one, they should have the clan stats and such in it. Or make a new Elite type of app for the console. Elite was far from perfect, but the availability was better than the Ghosts app as anyone who had a login name could use it, on the web or the console. Just my 2 cents.

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                              Greetings itchybubble,


                              Thank you for posting your concerns! Activision is constantly trying to improve the gaming experience so your feedback in regards making the App available on a website is relevant to us. I will be forwarding it to the appropriate parties.




                              ATVI Support