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    Banned from making an emblem???

      So i have no clue why, but within a couple weeks of playing this game, I got permanently banned from making an emblem... My emblem at the time was just two tac-45's pointed at each other. Nothing breaking the rules or anything. This was my first emblem so there was none before it. my gamer tag is STeeZusChrIst11 if you could fix it that would be great thank you.

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          Re: Banned from making an emblem???

          We understand your concern regarding your account; however, we do not have the details of your ban. Please take a moment to review the Security & Enforcement Policy which outlines reasons an account can get banned from the Emblem Editor Activision Support .


          Additionally, bans are not subject for further discussion or appeal.  Before any action is taken, the account is carefully reviewed to prevent a false positive.


          In accordance to the Community Forum Guidelines & Etiquette Community Forum Guidelines & Etiquette  this discussion will be locked.


          Please do not create another discussion regarding this matter.


          Regards ^AH

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