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    WTH...theres nothing left for COD:BO2

      what the hell...3Arch needs to start banning these people thjat are straight out hacking the game...its getting to where i dont want to even play BO2 anymore...and i already dont like GHOSTS for the same reasons...all thats left now in COD:BO2 are the HACKERS...BOOSTERS....LAG SWITCHERS...MOD USERS...and other assorted cheaters....im a very rare truly legit PRESTIGE MASTER and its getting hard to just not just snap my games in half sometimes because of these people...it does no good to report them as theyll just continue to do it even after theyve been reported...and if they are banned all that theyve got to do is either set up a new account on their PS3 or on a friends system and do it all over again...in the past 4 days alone ive come across the same people that are being reported by myself and yet nothings ever happening to them...some ive reported months ago...

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          Re: WTH...theres nothing left for COD:BO2

          But its all so much more satisfying when you beat em !!!! Give em grief in the lobby  and they soon piss off AVIT 

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            Re: WTH...theres nothing left for COD:BO2

            CoD as a franchise is dying. IW and Treyarch thought they would be clever and cater to the younger generation. Well eventually they have both shot themselves in the foot because all you get now is 8-16 year old whiners offering you a '1v1' me. They have lost a lot of the adult generation that used to play this game and as far as I am concerned they deserve it for ruining a good franchise that could have been at the top for many more years. Did they stop quick scoping? Do they care as a long as the game sells? Yes there is a load of hackers, modders and reverse engineers but none of these companies seem to be able to stop them modifying the game to their own advantage. There will always be cheaters in life that is a dead cert.


            Stop buying the game, I only bought MW3.


            MW2, Black Ops 1 and Black Ops 2 were either given to me or bought for me as gifts. I will never buy another CoD again. Perhaps if people followed suit the companies mentioned above might think a little more about doing something to stop the crap that goes on in these games.


            Don't be a thinker be a do-er.


            I recently saw a hacker(s) in GTA V they had a 8.9 billion pound/dollar hack. One was on my friends list and I refused to crew up with him. I admit I suck at these games and always will but I'd rather stay that way than cheat.. Now he is banned completely from GTA V online...The rest need to follow suit.


            Most of you probably won't even know these Gaming Systems:


            Sega Master System

            Sega Master System 2

            Sega Mega Drive


            Commodore 64

            Spectrum 48/128/128A


            The games on these systems were made to work the moment they were put on sale, no mistakes were allowed to be made because no internet existed as it is today, No patches could be sent through, the game was played and sold 'as was'. Why can't they make games like these today? games that work 100% straight out of the box. Considering technology now and how it was back then it amazes me to think they make so many games with so many programming faults. I call it laziness and 'we'll send a patch out soon to fix it' syndrome.

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