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    Wii U: Bug in main menu after unlocking Eon (compled Chapter 3) issues loss of collection achievements

      Condition for Bug trigger:

      After completing chapter 3 and unlocking eon the portal master achievements for the skylander collection will be reset under the following condition.

      1. start the game
      2. go in the main menu into the options-> Gamepad play-> Gamepad only
      3. start the save file, where eon was unlocked
      4. all stars for the skylander collection achievements are gone and the already scanned skylanders can't be recounted (e.g. achievement "Score Four" 0/4 blue base skylanders, even if a skylander like Blast Zone is on the portal)
      5. only new skylanders (not yet scanned into the collection) will be recognized for achievements after experiencing this bug


      The bug is not triggered, if one is first loading the save file and afterwards using the game pad option within the loaded save game.

      But this workaround is kind of annoying, as one has no sound on the Gamepad for the initial video sequence when loading the save file in dual mode (the standard Gamepad option when starting the game).


      Test Method:

      I tested this bug/condition with help of a backup of the game data which was copied right after unlocking eon and completing some collection achievements.

      Originally I experienced the bug in some later chapter and had to wipe out my game data (via Wii U data management) and thus loosing the progress of the save file, as no other solution helped to recognize the already scanned skylanders for the achievement.

      Is there any chance for a Wii U update?



      other people experienced the same bug as well: