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           You've decided to make a zombies knock-off and fixed the glitches that made it actually worth playing, like infinite weapons, and the meteor glitch... Yet you forgot to fix the things that actually matter. This is just about the following:

           Players who are AFK in extinction will never be kicked and they could have bled out at the beginning of the game and still receive more points than those who are alive and actively playing. What's up with that?

           The M9A1 being a burst fire and the MP-443 Grach being fully automatic. The grach isn't too much of a problem, but it's overpowered. Also... Why didn't you just put the PDW instead of the M9A1? Like... What the hell was the point of making it the most inaccurate burst fire weapon anyway? It's basically pointless to use and even if the alien is on the drill and you fire a burst into it, one of those shots miss regardless of how close you are, where you aim or how you control the recoil. You should've just put the PDW in there or kept the M9A1 semi-automatic.

           The Leper. I think we all know how you messed up on this. One, by not giving up nearly enough time to find it. Secondly, it's almost always out of the map and out of reach within the first five seconds of it's spawn, after the countdown starting the challenge, and then fifteen seconds after it spawned and ran through the map, it jumps out of the map and sits in some random place which you'll never be able to shoot it from. Almost no one uses that stupid trinity rocket because when you're being swarmed by aliens, you don't really have the time nor the opportunity to stand still and aim that damn thing.

           Your challenge of keeping fifty percent accuracy after the second barrier hive. It's just stupid, that really should just go.

           The .44 Magnum. This should be the handgun on PvP multiplayer, and the one on multiplayer should be the one that we have on Extinction. You have the time to aim a magnum and make a second shot in Extinction because that's not as fast-paced as PvP multiplayer. The .44 Magnum in extinction is lower damage and higher fire rate. That's what we need for online. We don't need to have a handgun with sniper rifle mechanics as a secondary on PvP multiplayer... That's just stupid. That's for Extinction.

           The ability to give money. It takes too long and there are probably countless ways you could've re-done this. Like... Seriously?

           Explosive Ammunition hit detection. Going for seventy-five percent accuracy, some bullets would be dead centered and deliberately precise... And I would get accuracy reduction? I run a good connection, and I usually host, and even in solo this happens. Fix it. Not the infinite gun glitch. Since apparently, you guys had the BRILLIANT idea of making us use different weapons for a challenge. No, it's not keeping the game interesting, it's just annoying. Especially since the shotgun you first give us, the FPS, has a huge damage drop off anywhere above three meters, so you need to almost let them hit you before you get that one shot unless you're rocking a fully upgraded Weapon Specialization class, which bumps that one shot up to five meters (or four and a half, if I'm to be anal about it.) Yay.

           The Mortar strike. Just why? It's almost not worth using. If it didn't do so much damage to things up to around fifteen or so meters, it would be completely worthless and basically detrimental to your survival since it screws up your aim AND your teammates, obscures your vision, and is just generally a nuisance.  No one who even plays this enough uses it, because they know it doesn't even help and it just hurts your teammates. What was the point of it?

           The MK32 Launcher. This was your troll equalizer, wasn't it?

           Hunters. Why are they faster than anyone who isn't a medic, or has a pistol upgraded at least once with feral instincts on? I understand they're supposed to be the Maniac(which is the DUMBEST FREAKING JUGGERNAUT IN IT'S ENTIRETY) but you can't get peace from them if you're in the situation that most people are. On just about three-quarters health, low on bullets in the clip, and not running the Medic class.

           Leaderboards. You have a lot of pointless leaderboards that aren't even worth looking at: Hives, no one cares. Kills, no one cares, you're facing a hoard of unlimited aliens... Why is that recorded? Downed, that's iffy because the only thing it'll tell you is if you really, really suck or not. Revives, still iffy because not many people are going down. Showing you're a team player by having a lot of revives doesn't always matter and in something like this, it really shouldn't matter because you're going to need to revive players anyway... Or else you're going to die or they're going to leave the game.

           Weapons. Why is the L115, the Honey Badger, and the IA-2 in this? They do nothing. The IA-2 takes more bullets than the Grach does at range. The Honey Badger... Why didn't you use the ARX-160 instead? You put a naturally low damage, low range weapon with a suppressor in this mode for no reason when you have the same gun with no suppressor and a laser sight on. The L115 should just not be there. It does nothing even to scouts. It has no fire rate and you can't do anything cool with it.

           Drill Repair. What's the point of having Engineer if you could just use fast hands? You just keep weapon specialist and bam, you have Engineer and Extra Bullet damage.

           Health Regeneration. What's the point of the Medic having infinite range health regeneration when someone could just throw down Feral Instincts? Medic and Weapon Specialist.

           Tank. What's the point of having more Health if you have two people with Shields and Fast hands?

           Classes. What's the point of having classes if they're all cancelled out with teamwork? I mean, if that's the case all you really need is three people. Everyone run weapon specialist, one person with Feral Instincts, one person with Shields, and the last with Fast Hands Booster. It's as stupid as the way you have Amplify to completely cancel out Dead Silence. That's not fair to anyone who uses dead silence. You might as well just crouch walk.


      If you're going to make a Zombie's knock-off at least do your stuff right. Stop patching glitches and PATCH THE ACTUAL MODE SO THAT PEOPLE DON'T FEEL THE NEED TO GLITCH.

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          Re: Extinction

          The level of butt hurt.. How do you sit?


          50% shot accuracy is still easy after the second barrier hive as long as players have vultures or sentry guns. Only amateurs struggle with such a simple challenge.
          Half of the things you complained about are pointless and petty. If you don't like something about a class or any other loadout option then just don't use it, that's why there are multiple options.

          The most legitimate complaint I saw was about the Leper and having a silenced weapon with lower damage (Honey Badger).

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              Re: Extinction

              I agree, it is not too difficult to complete the last hive on POC even with 75% accuracy, as long as you know which weapons you are precise enough with and then protect yourself and teammates with Sentries or Vultures, as they do not negatively count against your accuracy. Be careful with the Grenade Turret though, as that will drop your accuracy pretty quickly now. I again agree that the only legitimate complaint is the Leper that mysteriously vanishes within 7 seconds to a part of the map that you are unable to target.

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              Re: Extinction

              so "why make any game?" is what I'm getting out this.

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                Re: Extinction

                IF only there was a place to discuss this...


                GHOSTS EXTINCTION

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                  Re: Extinction

                  You may have to just play Extinction for a good amount of time, Challenges are frustrating when you fail them ,like the Leper but they they do get easier as more game played time goes by, like the 50% challenge, there is a chopper you can call in which DOES help IMO along with your IMS, Sentry, Vulture , Traps etc..

                  Mortar Strike is crap along with a few other options, most players just stick with the Portable Turret, Grenade Turret ,IMS, Stowed Riot Shield, Sentry  Vulture for all maps , there maybe a point for those other Strike Package or Equalizer options in Hardcore Extinction?

                  Pistols,once again are balanced IMO

                  LeaderBoards have got really good info on player performance. You mention Hives, well this means your -complete a map rate, if you back out early this stat is affected


                  Without me having to keep countering your list of WHY, Just don't compare it to Zombies , I personally hated Zombies but never have I decided to make a WHY IS THIS thread about it.


                  Really enjoy playing Ghosts lately just for this mode. 

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                    Re: Extinction

                    I don't mean to be rude but this is up there with the most ridiculous threads I have read. As well as you being a year late, I have never experienced any of the troubles nor annoyances that you have with Extinction. I play A LOT of Extinction, as do many others.


                    NONE of your points make any sense. Most likely you have played Extinction a few times without a clue as to what everything does, you most likely failed a lot, and could not understand why things are what they are. If that is not the case I don't know why you put so much thought into a game mode you could simply never play again, and bother to make a very long thread, in the incorrect sub-forum, where you have nothing valid to complain about.

                    I don't have the time to write a lengthy response, but every single point you make can be countered, some of them I can see are even just there for arguments sake.


                    What did you expect to happen when you created this discussion? They would change the game mode now? With AW on the horizon already?

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                      Re: Extinction

                      wow, what a ridiculous post. There are also players that do this game solo. All of the load out you talk about have a purpose. There is more then 1 way to complete the game. I was comparing extinction alot with zombies before. Didnt really bothered with extinction anymore and gave it some months later another change. And i actually loved it.

                      Challenge yourself to go for high score runs with lots of relics without a team carying you.


                      Mayb in POC engineer isnt that usefull, it is very usefull in the other DLC maps like mayday, awakening and exodus.


                      The leeper challenge is fine also. You just dont know how to do it. If its out of the map that means you are doing it wrong. (shooting guns and firing sentries make the leeper run away instead of comming to you). I often find soo many flares that i can either throw one down for this challenge or let it be un used. If you dont scare it off, it will always go to the flare. Easy to kill the leeper when its there.


                      The 50% accuracy challenge, i am sure i always got this one. Even in the 3rd area of POC. all you need is a good setup with sentry guns, Or even buy a bulldog in 3rd area. Its a very good gun, also to take rhinos quickly down.

                      And the 1st shotgun is fine for the 75% challenge. Makes it alot easier.


                      If mortar strikes are that awful then just dont use it sentry + grenade ftw!


                      The ARX doesnt even have a laser in extinction. And the honeybadger is alot easier to handle in recoil aswell.

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