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    People are so selfish, it's funny

      What I will first say is, it's not everyone, I know this. A lot of people do try revive.



      Ok so.. We had a pretty tough game where we were lucky to be fair, to get to the escape part. Heck, lucky enough to even get to the final hive haha. On the way back, the 2 rhino's downed 2 people right near the first hive when you're in the cabin area. I had ran to the meteor bit, and was shooting enemies, my other guy didn't even attempt to revive those 2 who were down, he ran past them and then to me. He had NO enemies on him, so had a chance, at least to revive one. I managed to run back and revive both, JUST. No one was supplying armor by the way, at all, throughout the WHOLE game (hence we were lucky to get to the escape).


      We didn't manage to kill the rhino's before the meteor vanished, and the other's started to just run so me on my own against 2 rhino's is obviously a no way situation. So I also ran and got past them cos they didn't pick up Feral of mine. I got out into the City area, and  4 rhinos started chasing me along with other enemies haha. One of my other teammates got downed, one had ran to the second meteor, and the other, I thought he was reviving the person who was downed. SO I kept running round and round, distracting enemies, and placing sentries to protect him revive.


      He didn't, he ran straight past the guy who was downed, and carried on to the other guy, and to the second meteor barrier. With all 4 rhino's on my ass, I somehow revived this guy, and we managed to get to the barrier, BUT it had already gone down once and let the other 2 through, who were at the helicopter area, and had got downed (haha).  The meteor was up and just wouldn't go down after about 20 seconds, it was still there. We were trapped and tried running around, but both also got downed, ending the game.


      In a weird way, I'm kind of glad we didn't escape, or rather, I am glad us two at the back, didn't get downed whilst the other two escaped. I hate people like that, that just run and see it as "every man for himself". I think it was those two who ran past downed people both times.



      Anywho, rant over

      I'm sure we've all had similar games, right? Tell us your story version

      Also, do you always try revive unless you absolutely know you can't? I do.

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          Re: People are so selfish, it's funny

          Since the game is so new, so many don´t know what they are doing, because in previous COD games; playing as a team wasn´t as important as it is in ghost extinction; so i think they just haven´t understood that yet.



          Ever since i became more successful in completing the whole evacuation, I have been trying to help those who let me. I use my mic and try to guide them, tell them that they can help themselves tremendously by completing the challenges (some arent even aware of the little box on their left side of the screen that informs them of the challenges), also, i tell them i will be supplying ammo, so the others can supply armor, feral etc. .. I wouldnt blame them for not knowing, i would just try to cooperate and let them know what they are missing out on. They dont figure out right away how to do another challenge: the 75% accurracy, .. anyhow, letting them know really works as long as they are willing to learn.


          I recently started using what i think is the best weapon to assure your survival in the last 2 hives and evacuation: The Death Machine. Once you max this out, you will get 200 ammunition, you can take out two rhinos and a couple of other aliens with one purchase, by then money is not a big concern, you will have many aliens to take out so you can get that money back promptly.. I also use this equalizer now when i play with newbies, since they falldown a lot, you can really clear the area with the DM so the team mate can be revived.


          If your up for a good team working game (ps3) , add me YamilArias88

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            Re: People are so selfish, it's funny

            After achieving all 50 Achievements, the last being 'Completionist', I agreed to myself to go back and revive teammates for the escape. Too many times I got left behind. For me, no man/women gets left behind.

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              Re: People are so selfish, it's funny

              Along with that I get frustrated when my teammates storm the next area and eat up every single search item while I am tossing out stuff for everyone and carrying the drill. No one ever find anything..... so they say HA. 

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                  Re: People are so selfish, it's funny

                  Haha yeah. Everyone I seem to play with leaves the damn drill when you go to a new area. I'm all for bringing the drill in, placing it (not planting it) so we can all search, but they don't consider carrying it most times. You don't usually find anything too decent in the City or Cabin area. Some times a SOFLAM, mostly stuff like money, ammo or ACOG and also Trophy. Very rarely Flare's.

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                  Re: People are so selfish, it's funny

                  i used to be rank 8 over all in revives >.> my first escape i also got no man left behind cuz i ran past 4 rhino's and managed to revive my team mate to get him to the chopper when we were 3 feet away from it. personally idc how much of a **** someone is or how much they suck ill gladly take up the rear and take it in the ass from rhino's just to help others get to the chopper. if someone plans to leave another behind they better live long enough for me to die out and hop on the chopper cuz im a tank medic armor + riot shield fully upgraded every game + medic's speed and healing ability + damage resistant while revving

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