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    am i the only person that wants a grenade buff

      ok so lethal's and tactical's are weaker then previous titles.  yes there is a perk that buffs explosives but its chuffing expensive and frankly not worth it, frag's and semtex are toilet as are all the tacticals


      only a slight buff, just bring them in line with Bo, Bo2, mw2 and mw3


      i regularly get an enemy concussion grenade detonate near me and take no effect (no not using tac resist)

      i assumed its hit detection as i also throw them and see enemies nearby yet get no hit markers???


      IED is the only one that seems reliable damage wise but its also annoying so i don't like using it.   am i the only person that's noticed.  from the lack of use of lethal's and tactical's i assume others have also given up on them.  thoughts??