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    Is my internet connection fast enough for CoD: Ghosts?

      Hello everyone,


      I just got home from at my mom's house and wanted to play some CoD: Ghosts.. Well, it wasn't the first time I experienced major lag when at my mom's place. Usually monday to thursday would be okay and I wouldn't experience a lot of lag although sometimes I would in the evening.. On fridays the lag's also bad, especially in the evening and in the weekends it seems to be even worse. I guess that's because more people are online and playing at that moment?


      Anyways, I was wondering whether my internet connection is fast enough or not, I just did a speedtest:

      Speedtest.net by Ookla - My Results


      A low ping is good right? Is my download speed fast enough? I guess my upload speed doesn't really matter or does it?


      By the way, I don't use a fully wired connection.. I have this box which is linked to my router with a ethernet cable and another box in my room, which has a ethernet cable to my PS3..


      I hope someone will be able to help me out.. The lag ruins the fun in playing the game for me and also makes me play a lot worse.


      Looking forward to some answers!



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