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    (PS4) Platinum Lvl15 Recruiting 4 clan ALKO

      We've got around a dozen active players in our clan, all long term call of duty players and are looking for a few more active clan members to join and get more heavily involved in clan wars. Half of us are over a 2.0KD with ~5k kills, primarily play team deathmatch, and would expect the new members to be similar. MOST of all of us are Oklahoma natives, although not all. Look/like facebook page ALKO Gaming, add me on PSN "LetterEAT", or just reply here and we'll get it figured out.


      P.S. - Unlike other clans that say they just want to have some more people to play for fun with, we are NOT looking to start up another match.com.  If you are good at the game, you're in, if you aren't...go practice until you are. Also this is not a 100+ smorgasbord of a clan, and will never be. Expect exclusivity.