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    Point Blank


      Anyone have any tips on good game mode to play, or tips on perks or any hints on playstyle. I only want one SMG gold and I still need 42 point blank kills and it's killin me hah. I usually play HC but have been switching to core every other game to see if that helps. So any help would be great ! Thanks guys !!

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          Well, one way is to camp your butt off. BUT I don't really recommend it. HC is the best route and try and vote for maps that have lots-and I mean LOTS- of corners. stick to the corners and run along them, you'll have a higher chance of running into someone coming the other direction. Personally I think HCDOM would be the best since you can generally tell where your enemies are coming from. TDM is too erratic and S&R is too likely that you wont get rescued.

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            You could always try Cranked. Being that you are always on the move and coming across people when turning a corner, I think that it would be the perfect game mode to get your point blank kills

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              As somebody said, just patrol in the places with lots of corners, and stay in that part of map, when you see somebody with their back facing you, use dead silence and just move close enough to get point blank kill. Shouldnt take too long.

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                Simple. Marathon, dead silence. Silencer on ur weapon. Wait on any entrance for some one to passby. Chase him until he stops to shoot or look around then poke him in the butt with ur weapon for a point blank. Also check common camping spots for quick point blanks on the go.


                As frustrating as it may seem. This is the fastest way for this ironic challenge.