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    Constant lag spikes on PC



      I play Ghosts on PC


      So, for the past few days I got constant lag-spikes in Multiplayer. This never happened before, it just started happening about a week ago. These lags occur every 15-30 seconds. It seems like I would get disconnected from the game for like half a second.

      During the lags I get teleported back and forth or I get stuck in movement or the reloading animation stops and stars again.

      These lags happen in every match, not just in some matches, so it's probably not the hosts fault.


      In Black Ops 2 I have a steady ping of 40-50 ms. In Battlefield 3 and CoD4 my ping never goes above 20 ms. The lagometer in CoD4 also doesnt show any lag spikes whatsoever.


      So it has to be an issue with Ghosts.


      How can I fix these lags? The game is unplayable as long as this happens.