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    ghosts app

      anyone having problem with the app? I have an iphone. earlier this morning it said something like I need to play before I can use the app. I have over 5days of playing time. ??? since then it has been doing that cycling thing with the upside down triangle with the numbers in it. then I was getting a message that said I need to log into call of duty ghosts and it came up for me to enter my email and password. did that and kept getting that upside down triangle thing like if it was loading. now for the past 2-3 hours I have been getting a screen that says         504 gateway time-out


      anyone know what the hell this is and how I can get this app to work again. this is so extremely frustrating. not only is ghosts a major step down from BO2, hate the game but it is better than MW3, but this crappy app is not working now.

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          Re: ghosts app

          I Just saw an ghost app update on my tablet, which should fix the loading screen...

          and works for me

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              Re: ghosts app

              I Rather have an other issue, when ghosts app opens up it shows your current soldier in the uniform , headgear,... But i play with 4th personage, and the uniform , headgear,background don't change, its still the headgear of the first player i created. Allthough it represents the 4th personage, i see that at the name ive given the 4th personage

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              Re: ghosts app

              Hey Coakley,


              I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with your App. Please let me know your iPhone iOS. Also let me know if you re installed it.




              ATVI Support

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