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    The Playstyle-O-Meter

      Title says it all, but this is a way of separating playstyles by different types of concentration and strategies. The way I scale playstyles is by tactical focus, and speed focus. Tactical focus is all about being prepared and outsmarting enemies (also known as camping). Speed focused players run around and look for the action instead of wait for it. My playstyle rating is determined by the 1-10 number with 1 being the Tactical focused playstyle, and 10 being most Speedy.

           Speed Focused Player


      10. --- Uber tryhard: These guys run around cluelessly while they get smarter and smarter of the enemy's tactics.


      9. --- Tryhard: They try to wreck the other team by suprise, speed, and usually "skill".


      8. --- Rusher: These people are run-n-gun, but with more intention of running than actually gunning.


      7. --- Run-n-gun: They prefer to find enemies rather than wait for them, so they run out and kill people.


      6. --- Slow mover: Usually the guys who are more cautious of other players and have a good ability to find and kill campers.


      5. --- Tactical rusher: People that usually post up in certain spots while running around from time to time.


      4. --- Clueless corner camper: Idiots that sit in corners with very little skill and thought. They also like to return to the same spot over and over again.


      3. --- Watch Dog: They'll take advantage of their surroundings, usually posting up in one spot for long periods of time and eliminating all that are in their line of sight. Many of them are the dreaded headglitchers.


      2. --- Smart camper/Defender: They'll stay in rooms for entire games with lots of thought into their camping classes. They know what they're doing.


      1. --- The Worm: These people live and breathe camping, with one intention: None shall pass.


           Tactical Player


      Anyways, that's my way of organizing the main playstyles of this game. Try sharing your playstyle, or make your own playstyle-o-meter if you think mine sucks.