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    will I get banned for unlock all lobby

      Hi i was playing ealeir and my friend kept telling to join his game, but when i asked him why and what for. But all he said 'its important' So i joined and i said whats up. It was in a private match and i assumed we were going to trick shoting. So the match started i began to run around then the gae just ended. When it went to main menu it said thank you for purchasing. I know it seems hard to believe but i swear on my heart i didnt mean to have unlock all to be done. Will i get banned for this and how long.

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          Re: will I get banned for unlock all lobby

          Yes, it is punishable - because you deliberately joined an invite to a modded game and stayed there until completion. A suspension or ban would be up to the security team.  btw - I don't think your gamertag helps pleads of innocence.

          When you are punished, the question is whether you blame yourself fgor foolishness, or blame your friend for putting you in the position.

          Lastly - all you can do is contact Activision support (top left of this screen). Let them know what happened - what rank you were before / after, your gamertag, approx time of lobby, etc.

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              Re: will I get banned for unlock all lobby

              Ok thanks for repling

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                  Re: will I get banned for unlock all lobby

                  Joining a hacked lobby is not exactly an offense, creating it is, so if it wasn't you who created it, you should be safe; but don't forget to contact Activision support telling exactly what happened, give the name of the one who invited you and everything they ask you for.


                  What you did is not a crime, but if you don't tell the coops your innocent in time, you might end been a suspicious more than an unintentional participant.


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                      Re: will I get banned for unlock all lobby

                      Not entirely correct. Those who are the perps are dealt with more strongly. But you can be punished for taking advantage of a glitch - including modded lobbies. That is why in the forum we say - leave immediately. Added tip - leave game via shutting down console instead of game menu - gives best chance of not being infected.

                      Joining via an invite and completing the match is not good for the OP.

                      For clarification on what's punishable read the Ghosts COC - it is stickied in a few places in the forum.

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                          Re: will I get banned for unlock all lobby

                          Taking advantage of a glitch is way different than creating a hacked lobby, plus, this was unintentional, and as you can see, he already got infected by getting everything unlocked.


                          Activision does not systematically punishes hackers but gathers evidence and takes its time with each case, that's why the OP must make sure to clean his name ASAP.


                          Leaving immediately a hacked lobby prevents you from exploiting a glitch, thus no offense made at all; getting a few levels in there is exploiting a glitch, yet is such a minor offense Activision won't bother; finish the match in the hacked thing might be considered as a proper glitch exploiting, and it's up to Activision to tell if to punish or to forgive. If a hacked lobby contains twelve players by the match end, certainly there won't be twelve punishments, since it was a trap from a main hacker that dragged other players; now, if the match ends with two or three people it  will be considered as a more personal offense, yet the hacked lobby can only be created by one person, the others are just "exploiters", different aggressions, different punishments, and like I said: Activision also looks for the context.


                          Mw2Modder will be fine as long as he cooperates with Activision and gives precise details on what happened.

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                    Re: will I get banned for unlock all lobby

                    I think you should be fine Mw2MODDER i mean its obvious that you joined innocently and there is nothing to say that you Mw2MODDER would ever do anything that isnt within the rules of the game .

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                      Re: will I get banned for unlock all lobby

                      Hey Mw2Modder,


                      Thank you for posting your concerns here. Did your rank get altered, or did you just unlock everything? The best thing you can do is to immediately leave the lobby and report any players you suspect of cheating via in-game report tool . If you have not violated the security enforcement, you should be okay. We are unable to say 100% as these are matters our security team handles.


                      Please private message me the following information if your rank was altered:


                      Current rank:

                      Rank before stats were altered:




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