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    Boosting stats

      Seems like every second player has boosted stats or has hacked the game. Out of control.

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          boosted stats how soo??

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            I played against a guy with a 45 KDR (no I didn't miss the decimal point). Guess what? He went negative in the match. That said, he was just a one off that I've noticed, I tend not to bother looking most of the time. It's easier to just play the match and see if anything 'odd' is going on.

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              Not boosting stats... hacked stats.


              There is a way to edit them.


              I was in competition with a clan member in my previous clan [ZEUS] and I legitimately had better stats and playing hours. I was at 2.1 and he was at 1.8. I had prestige lvl 4 and around 5 days of gameplay. He was prestige lvl 3 with 4 days of gameplay. Within a hour I went for lunch... I came back to notice I wasn't the most played hours in my clan in the barracks. He was... not only that... but his kd became 3.0 an extra 500games were added and his playing time became over 9 days. Ofcourse full prestiege at lvl 60. Oh and he somehow miraculously unlocked the full bodycount uniform and headgear. I figured it wss hacked up. I told the  clan leader and he said he'd rather have a hacked up 3.0 than a 2.1. So I left it there.  Bottom line is... yes. U can hack the stats, but I guess that's only for noobs to do. A real player can easily achieve what they want with real ingame skill.

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                To make u all lol


                I met a noob with a 4.0 kd ratio. I was stunned then I looked down to see this.


                Kd 4.0

                Fav weapon ak

                Current streak 116

                Wins 57

                Games played 24

                W.l ratio 2.5

                Hours played 10 hours


                Do the math lol

                Good going hacker... now go learn how to add :S

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                  When has all the PRESTIGE and patches and unlocks been able to help you shoot straight I love to giv em grief low life hacking scum sometimes I feel sorry for em can't be easy feeling inferior to a potato !!!!

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                    Murda Ma$$ is boosting in clan wars they are getting 6 wins every 30 sec or so.. My clan is going against them and we dont have a chance at all they already have to many points to catch up... If we take over like hardcore kc then in like 30 mins or so they take it back.. When clan wars started they had everything locked down in about 3 to 4 hrs.

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                        So true. Clan wars attracts hackers. Same here... and all the game modes that are in the clan war are being hacked up in the most wildest ways. The fact that several divisions are all competing on the same game modes on different clan wars makes 70% of the games hacked. I've seen god mode, 1 kill wins, super speed, wall hax, flying props. All we can do... is log out and leave them at peace. Report as if it should have an effect.

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                        JUst ignore it and report them, the ban hammer will come down eventually and reset them and if they do it again, then rinse snd repeat. Dont worry about it unless its a modded lobby where they do it to you and even th. Dont worry too much cuz im sure everybody has run into a modded lobby by now and iw can differentiate between modder or infector and person who got an unwanted mod or infection. You have no control over this just let iw take care of if