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    [PS4]I'm looking for an active clan

      PSN id: loweredskye


      Rank: Prestige 1 level 30


      K/D: over 1.00 and going up


      I have a mic and I use it.


      I play the objective or I can just slay.


      I play all game modes.mostly TDM,Blitz, S&D and infected.


      I'm 23 years old.I am mature and serious but I do like having fun and laughing sometimes.


      I am a female gamer (yes that has mattered in the past)


      I Live in the USA


      I've been playing Call of Duty games since the classics.


      I've held leadership roles in/on multiple clans and teams over the years.


      I do have the Ghosts App.


      Message and invite me today