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    cant log into clan wars

      I can do everything on the app except log into clan wars..


      I have loaded the app on 2 different phones and the problem is the same..


      I have cleared all clache and cookies on the phones.


      this is the second clan war i cannot log in and as clan leader it is impossible to co ordinate if i cant run see the clan war.


      Please resolve this issue asap.


      PSN id - Zethanias

      Clan name - SnoT

      PS4 and PS3.

      28 member in clan.@heinlabuschagne

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          Re: cant log into clan wars

          Greetings zethanias,


               I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with the App. Please let me know the type of devices you are using to download the App. Also visit this link to get the full list of compatible devices: Activision Support.




          ATVI Support

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              Re: cant log into clan wars

              I'm using Samsung S4s to download the app..


              The thing is that everything works fine on the app except i cant see the nodes in clan wars..


              I can do up to current campaign and see the play now.. when i click on play now nothing happens... wont let me in.


              The rest of the app works fine.

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                Re: cant log into clan wars

                I was chatting to the clan last night and most of us are having the same problem..


                And to add to the flame the servers where bad last night.. took us an hour to find a game only to be disconnected half way through...


                and what made it worse was that the next hour was the same.. this was on PS4, you guys really need to look into improving that..

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                    Re: cant log into clan wars

                    Hello all,


                    With the excitement that comes with new Clan Wars, there can sometimes be a throttle of users on the app. This might cause the Clan Wars section of the app to become a little unstable, thus resulting in what you are seeing.


                    While Beachhead are constantly doing what they can to improve performance, the best thing I can suggest during Clan Wars, is to keep checking back on the app for any changes.




                    ATVI Support

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