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    Advice from a successful clan

      Im sub-commander of a clan that fluctuates between 90-100 members and I wanted to share a few key things we've learned about trying to manage a clan this size. Some of out rules might seem harsh, but a clan is all about clan play. The biggest thing we did was download a second App to chat on as the ghosts app chat page is fairly limited. The app we have is called 'Line', it has a green background with a white chat bubble, it's much easier to use and you can have multiple chat pages open, so we have one for the 4 commanders, one for the Lt's, one where we post out goals, one where people can find teams to play with and so on. It's a great tool and we made it a requirement of being in our clan, either you're on the app or out of the clan. We also set a rule that anyone not playing for the target during the war will be kicked. Harsh I know, but you have plenty of time to play what you want with who you want when the war is not active, a clan is ALL about clan based played. We also set minimum play requirements during the war, so you can look at your clans weekly leader boards and see who hasn't been helping your clan out, then remove them to let in someone who will help. we also don't allow prima donnas in the clan, anyone who says 'I won't play this mode' or 'I don't play this' is kicked from the clan. Anyone who dashboards or quits a game to boost their stats is kicked from the clan. all of the clans decisions are shared amongst just 4 people in the clan with an addition 6 Lt Cmders who organize parties. With 4 of us sharing the decisions there is still some democracy, but we can still make decisions as implement them rapidly. my clan is called ART of WAR ELITE, current clan war score is 411cp with second place at 109cp in Platinum. We don't boost, hack, or cheat in any way, we're just organized. Feel free to ask any questions and I will try to answer.

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          Much better requirements than "must have 1.X K/D and do triple YY fakie noskope" to get in. You're about winning Clan Wars, and legit. If I wasn't in a clan with my two close friends (ripping up our Platinum Division) I'd wish to join such a clan.

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            Where do you go to check your weekly clan leaderboards? In black ops 2 you could see which clan members helped win a certain operation. Now it tells me I captured a node but doesn't tell me who made that possible.



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                You can go to barracks, then leaderboards, and under the score selection you can press Y or triangle on Ps I believe change the filter to clan and weekly. The score menu tells time played, but there are other menus you can use that are specific to each game type, that helps to let you know who's been playing what. You can filter by week and clan under any menu. The best way is to just keep an eye on things while you play tho. That's the only real way to know who's playing what and when they're playing it.

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                That is great advice. We have a clan that has dominated all CW but 1. Almost all of our rules are similar to yours. Great advice on checking weekly leader-board.

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                  Great advice man. Thx for the time u put into it. I'm gonna look into that new chat system.

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                    I got some advice - Just win games baby!  lol

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                      I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment of not being fussy about what you play. My clan primarily plays in HC, but for this war we had to step across into Core, as we took the HC nodes at the start and there was only one instance of another clan actually trying to take one from us (in fairness it did cost them dear as they had to take two goes at it to nab it from us, and we took it straight back again). We played a lot of SnD, SnR, Cranked and Hunted, and I daresay we've improved notably in all of those gametypes. I managed 3 flawless matches in various gametypes (all Core) over the course of this war, PTFOing in every one, and I feel like my overall game has tangibly improved as a result.


                      People just want things to be easy. The best wins are the hard-fought ones.

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                        I like your clan motto. I have to say mine are a little more strict. For leveling up purposes all clan members must play in a team environment with clan members at all times. Clan war or no Clan war. I do not go by the leaderboards because there is no way to filter solo play against clan time play. Everyone is monitored on a daily basis. Then again my clan is only 25 members. But it's worked for us, we are level 25.


                        Either way, good post.

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                          the wrestler

                          Good info.


                          I am part of a level 25 clan. We have won a few of our clan wars. Won the most recent contest, scoring 511 total points.


                          There are some good suggestions up there, but you have to be careful about kicking people. People get busy in life. Things come up with job, family, kids, spouses, all that stuff. What you also need to keep in mind, is that IF your clan has a lot of turnover, in time, it will just become a bit of a mercenary'ish team. A clan should also be about being part of something. Teamwork. People working together. When you have people playing together for a while, that's how good teamwork develops. If you are cutting people for just an off week, not being around for a few weeks, it gives people less of a reason to want to be part of that.

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                            Like to throw in my advice for the tiny clans (less than 6 people).


                            Get just a couple of more folks and life gets significantly easier.  During clans wars we play all the objective game types ruthlessly. We play the objective 100% of the time, KDR and XP be damned.  We all know how hard it is to win S&D when one guy runs to the corner of the map and camps.  With a full team of clan members it is so much easier to get 4-0 wins...everyone is all about planting the bomb, guarding the bomb, getting fast wins.  Getting your clan up to 6 members (and everyone playing at the same time) will make your life easier (especially in Blitz).


                            just me 2 cents.

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                              sounds like a well oiled a

                              machine. I have been interested in joining a clan. I play mostly tdm and some f4a,but I am open to any mode. it would just take some practice. Q: when in clan war how do you know your clans objective? And must you only play with clan members to achieve them? thanks for any info.