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    How do you prove you are not lag switching

      The other night, a friend and I were playing bops2 core team death match. Another gamer in the lobby began accusing my friend of using a lag switch. We became tired of his angry ranting and left the lobby. After which, I received a voice message from him stating that after we left the lag stopped and that he was reporting us for using a lag switch. I have never used nor will I ever use a lag switch. I even went into theatre mode to check out the gameplay of the matches we had played in that lobby. He was right about the fact that he was lagging. It was horrible for him. Yet, he had between 3 to 4 bars in signal strength and from I could tell he was the only one lagging that badly. So my question being, how do you prove to another player that you are not using a lag switch? It is rather irritating to be accused of doing something that you did not do. He seemed like a cool dude, minus points for false accusations. Any ideas, or even a helpful explanation of why that happened to him and from what I could tell only him in the lobby and how to prove that I'm not lag switching in case I run across another person ranting?



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