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    HxS Platinum Division Clan looking for members 18+ (XBOXONE U.S.)

      (XBOXONE/U.S.) Tried of playing alone? We were too. Here at Hooligan Squad we just want to have fun and get the most out of next gen gaming. Whether it be just squading up to play public games or competing in clan wars. No pressure involved play when you want how you want but do it with friends. Benefit from earning the lucrative clan unlocks. We are a platinum division and looking for more active player. We want to be massive in numbers. Your K/D is no matter we just want active players. Myself and the founding members are active duty combat arms soldiers stationed in Co. We are going to use our training and knowledge to break down the maps and game types. Only requirement is maturity. We are here to have fun and dominate.



      If intrested contact:

      gamertag "ReaconSki11s"

      or or hit us up on the app just search Hooligan Squad