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    Black ops2 disc not working

      When I put my black ops 2 disc in it takes a long timr to read then it just says play game. When I press it it says disc unreadable. Please help

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          Re: Black ops2 disc not working

          I had this problem a while back.. I bumped the X-Box while the disc was running and it made a ring around it.. I went to youtube and found some helpful stuff.. There's one where you get chapstick and cover the disc with it, then rub it in and off real good.. That is what I did for a while.. It actually helped, but would have to do it pretty often.. And for some reason, I could play all maps other than Raid, Aftermath, Drone and Cargo.. Which was fine with me because I only really like Raid out of that group.. But I finally took the disc to Game Stop, or something like that, and they put it in a machine and literally 5 minutes later, the ring was gone and the disc was like new.. Hope that helps..

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