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    Looking for Platinum xbox one CoD Ghost Clan

      Hey, I'm currently looking for a very active xbox one call of duty ghost clan. I prefer it to be in the platinum division. I'm a legit 10th prestige player and working my way into the MLG scene for Call of Duty Ghosts after I took a long break during the final days of CoD4.


      Current stats by playing alone mostly:


      Kill/Death - 3.056


      Win/Loss - 11.100

      Wins: 2309


      Games Played: 2519


      Currently ranked 921 in the world for kills on Xbox one with 43180


      Currently ranked top 70 in the world on Xbox 360 in Cranked.


      I play all game types and modes. I am just looking for a group of guys/gals to go in and dominate pubs. Send me a Friend request or follow me on Xbox One. Gamer tag: zEvac