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    Looking for a clan on ps4

      Heey, i'm looking for a few people to play GB's or clan wars with!
      My K/D at this point is 1.7(been mostly trolling or testing weapons out in pubs so could be higher)
      I like doing 8's or clan wars and GB's i'm a verry competetive player and i like mature people that are the same!


      Hope to see u soon (ps i'm from the netherlands so i'm EU)

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          Re: Looking for a clan on ps4

          Ashes of the Innocent



          Please visit our main site to learn how to join and become a member of AoTi


          Playstation Division - Ashes of the Innocent • View forum - PS3 Division

          Xbox Division - Ashes of the Innocent • View forum - Xbox Division

          Wii U Division - Ashes of the Innocent • View forum - Wii Division

          PC Division - Ashes of the Innocent • View forum - PC Division

          Competitive Sub-Division Ashes of the Innocent • View forum - Competitive Play

          Requirements to join:

          - Must be at least 16 years of age.

          - Have at least a 1.00 kill/death ratio upon the point of applying for AoTi.

          Xat Chat Link:

          Ashes of the Innocent • Xat Side by Side chat

          ELITE Links:



          About Us:

          Ashes of the Innocent [AoTi], has been around since the World at War days.  Believe it or not, that's going on 5 years now.  Currently, we have over 60 active members that interact as one, big family on a daily basis.  From the United States to Europe, our members span the globe and bring a unique diversity to AoTi.  We have excellent leaders throughout each division that are constantly striving to make AoTi the best clan it can be.  To show our commitment, we've been ranked within the Top 100 CoD Clans and continue to be one of the top clans in the business.  The members of AoTi focus on community.  Yes, we are a competitive gaming clan, but we are also much more than that.  We are family and hope that you will choose to become a member of our family too.

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              Re: Looking for a clan on ps4

              EXiLe Gaming

              EXiLe Gaming is a newly founded Call of Duty Ghosts clan for the Playstation 4. We are looking for experienced players that will help win clan wars and go for good gameplays.


              What's Offered:

              • Owners will maintain close-knit relationship with all players
              • Ability to submit gameplay commentaries to the Team Youtube channel
              • Ability to try out for Gamebattles.com Competitive team
              • Clan Events
              • Website/Social Media coming soon
              • Active Members


              • 1.00 K/D Ratio
              • Play Clan Wars Gametypes
              • Be Active
              • 14 years of age +
              • Must have Microphone
              • Name change not required but is appreciated

              How To Join:

              Apply bellow and message Moneyyy_Mike once completed.


              Current PSN ID:


              K/D Ratio:

              Do you have a Mic:

              Are you interested in submitting gameplays:

              Are you interested in Competitive Gamebattles play:

              Are you interested in competing in Clan Wars:

              How many hours a day are you on Call of Duty Ghosts:

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