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    Looking for a PS4 Clan

      I'm looking for a PS4 Clan.  I'm 19 and a college student in the Eastern Time Zone.  I'm pretty competitive, but I play strictly for the fun of it.  I'm pretty active, but thats subject to change with my workload.  I'm really into EDM and am likely to be listening to it as I play.  I have a mic and am looking for a pretty active clan.  My K/D is 1.66 and have 57% wins, but play mostly TDM solo so that doesn't mean much.  I'll play any game type with the clan though.  Respond here with your clan info and who to contact if interested.  Thank you.

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            iLLimus Maximus
            [iLLn] is Recruiting.


            We are Level 8.  Active clan with 9 members.  Currently secure ALL nodes in our Clan War.  We have won EVERY clan war participated in.


            Message me at Zuclear_Warhead on PS4 for an invite.

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              iLLimus Maximus
              [iLLn] is Recruiting.


              We are a Level 13 clan.  Currently have 17 members.  We have won EVERY clan war participated in.  We play all game modes, not just one style.  Average age is 26.


              Message me at Zuclear_Warhead on PS4 for an invite.

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                COME JOIN FuRy Gaming Today!  We are currently recruiting new members that are motivated and interested in wanting to learn more and compete.  We are a PS4 Gaming Community Clan for gamers 16 and older.  We compete in Gamebattles and consistantly have one mandatory practice a week and one to two optional practices.  We developed a farm system type of clan that builds success for our professional team.  Work your way through our military style structure and chain of command.  If you got what it takes to join us apply atwww.furygaming.org

                Squad Intro

                Welcome to FuRy Gaming.  We are an elite group of gamers brought together to participate in competitive gaming for the  Call of Duty: Ghosts PS4 Platform.  The goal of our clan is to play at a highly competitive level utilizing strategies that efficiently place us at a higher advantage to take out the opposition. We expect to lead and be led.  We will stick to MLG and GB Variant game play, predominately Search and Destroy.  If you would like to join FuRy click the membership application on the www.furygaming.org website.  Please take the time to learn more about FuRy Gaming below.


                FuRy Oath

                We expect to lead and be led.
                In the absence of orders I will take charge,

                lead my teammates and accomplish the mission.
                I lead by example in all situations.
                I will never quit.
                I persevere and thrive on adversity.
                My team expects me to be physically harder
                and mentally stronger than my enemies.
                If knocked down, I will get back up, every time.
                I will draw on every remaining ounce of strength
                to protect my teammates and to accomplish our mission.
                I am never out of the fight.
                I WILL NOT FAIL, I AM FURY STRONG!

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                  Ghosts Clan Info

                  Name: Uruk-hai ~ Tag: OrK

                  Members: 7 ~ Level: 20

                  Established Clan  With...

                  *No Testing or Tryouts

                  *No Website Sign ups

                  PS3 &  PS4 Gaming Team

                  fun and friendly to play alongside

                  We are only recruiting PS4 members at the moment



                  Must be willing to party up

                  Must be mature

                  Must have a mic & use it

                  How to Join

                  Contact - JayB_88 On PS4

                  Other Info

                  BOPS 2 Level: 37 ~ MW3 Level: 43