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    The CBJ-MS

      This is probably my favorite of the SMGs in call of duty ghost.  However, I don't really don't use it the way most people do.  Here is the primary class I use it with.


      Primary Weapon: USR Sniper Rifle

      Attachments: Variable Zoom, Extended Clip

      Secondary Weapon: CBJ-MS

      Attachment: Extended Clip

      Perks: Ready up, Focus, Overkill, Reflex

      Lethal: IED

      Tactical Trophy system


      I don't snipe that much in ghosts, but when I do, I am terrible with a sniper rifle in close quarters combat.  I normally set up on a long sight line and camp, which is what you should be doing with a bolt action sniper rifle.  There is nothing like having somebody come up on you and pulling this thing out.  Most players expect a pistol when they get into close quarters with a sniper.  Instead I have 1000rpm 51 round magazine SMG.  It also wonderful to have when you come up against a dog or another score streak.  Snipers usually die to dogs, but this thing shreds them like tissue paper.  It's an expensive secondary because you have to use overkill, but a lot of time it's worth it. I run it in a similar fashion with a few other weapons including two LMG builds and one sniper class.