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    Rules of joining Bright Idea

      Rule #1: Have an Xbox 360/One edition for Ghosts. There is NO PlayStation or Steam or Wii U version for ghosts in this clan. Therefore, this clan is exclusive for Xbox owners.


      Rule #2: In order to join the clan, you must challenge me, ukill4life in Squad vs Squad and win. I will go hard and I will not. It depends on how you wanted it. The first 5 members to join don't have to challenge me and will be free to join.


      Rule #3: Ages 16 and older are allowed to join the clan. Any member who is a twelve year old that wants to call everybody in this clan a homosexual will be banned from this clan.


      Rule #4: This clan is about strategy! Listen to your partners' strategies and whether you agree or disagree with the moves. Know the maps before you make a move.

      And finally, rule #5: We are all here to win! If we lose, we must rethink out strategies and get new ideas.