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    Perks - especially Quickdraw

      New to ghosts, but CoD vet. In the previous CoDs I have generally settled on 3 standard classes after completing challenges


      Rusher (marathon/Agility/Qdraw) Sniper (stealth + Stealth + Sitrep) and general use AR class (Qdraw, Stealth & Sitrep).


      Am only level 20 at the moment, and although keeping K/D about 1, I seem to get owned (heavily) when I come against any people > rank 40, especially losing 50/50 firefights.


      So - relevant to HCTDM:

      Question 1: Is quickdraw worth it? (Currently using Sc2010 as it's open). It's an expensive perk and doesn't seem to be doing me any favours.

      Question 2: Is the aim assist and/or the size of hit boxes reduced on this CoD? (Or am I just a rubbish shot?)

      Question 3: What would be your general use/mid range map perk setup?


      Just any pointers would be useful, I am hearing that the most successful methods on ghosts are vastly different to previous CoDs, so wanna give some random stuff a try.



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          Re: Perks - especially Quickdraw

          I would recommend putting on ready up to let that QD kick in just a little bit sooner. Also, do you use Dead silence? With footsteps being SO loud in this game the enemy may hear you coming and that's why you lose the gunfights cause they're aware of your presence. Lastly, what about focus? Keeps your view kick down and helps you stay on target.

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            Re: Perks - especially Quickdraw

            1) Not really - In HC, you should be avoiding head-on confrontation, in favor for more tactical maneuvers. I'd say because you die so fast, and so many people rock Quickdraw, I think it's best to be well-prepared for a gunfight (ie. checking your corners, sights up) than trying to win a split-second duel.


            2) There roughly the same as other CoD's, however character models can be slightly misleading, the Ghille suit for example, makes the model seem bigger than they actually are, and some models can make them seem smaller than they actually are. Simply, the hit boxes are the same for every character, though the model can mislead you into thinking their smaller or larger.



            Loadout for HC

            Primary Weapon: FAD - Low recoil, fast firing, because of high bullet damage this makes it very deadly.

            Attachments: Silencer + Extended Mags

            No Secondary Weapon, Lethal or Tactical



            Stalker (3) - Check corners quicker, and will allow you to move from cover to cover quickly whilst ADS.

            SitRep (2) - Spotting enemy equipment and SATCOM's will not only keep you alive, but also benefit the team.

            Amplify (2) - Enemy locals are important in HC, using Amplify will allow you to become prepared for an oncoming enemy.

            Tac Resist (2) - Although rare, being blinded or stunned is a death sentence in HC, so Tac Resist is a must to stay alive.

            Dead Silence (2) - Other people will be using Amplify, so Dead Silence is a must.


            Pointstreaks: Anything goes really, I would recommend support just because it's probably the most useful in HC:



            -Ballistic Vest



            That would be my suggestion for HC.

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              Re: Perks - especially Quickdraw

              So far all these other replies have a wealth of good advice. For core, but simply because of the 1-3 shot kills in HC consider the assault rifle MSBS (if you do this, pick a Sight attachment that you are comfortable with as many will tell you the iron sights suck on this rifle). If you want to maximize your chances of getting the upper hand on the enemy then the perks Ready up, Quick Draw, and Dead Silence are a must. Other helpful perks if you have the space for them are: Hardline, Blast shield, On the go, Sleight of Hand, Off the grid, Sitrep, Focus, and Gambler, all have. helped me in one way or another. Also if you are comfortable with the decision; drop your secondary weapon, Lethal, and tactical. it clears up some extra perk slots for you to fool around with. If you must have a lethal then go with the IED, simply because you can drop it and forget it and pick up a needed kill for that killstreak reward especially if you drop it in a high traffic area. Good Luck.

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                Re: Perks - especially Quickdraw

                HCTDM loadout



                Silencer and hybrid scope

                no secondary





                2x lethal, 2x tactical, scavenger, sleight of hand, strong arm


                This class induces RAGE with enemies as the thermobarics will get multikills frequently and on certain maps are just plain deadly (Strikezone and Tremor). The M27 has a 100 round magazine and has a good rate of fire, and the silencer reduces recoil by about 40-50%. The hybrid scope is great for zooming in on larger maps, and zooming out for smaller ones. The 2x IED's are great with strong arm (as are thermobarics) as you can REALLY launch them.

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                  Re: Perks - especially Quickdraw

                  With an AR I would swap out Quickdraw and replace it with Stalker.  IMO it's the best perk to use with any AR or LMG. 


                  My go-to AR class at the moment is the Honeybadger with grip and extended mags.  Then for perks I have Stalker, Focus, Scavenger, Sleight of Hand, Dead Silence and Awareness.  I don't bother with equipment or a secondary.  I move deliberately around the map, never rushing and ADSing around every corner.  This set-up and tactic works pretty well for any AR.  Try to avoid 50/50 scenarios and work on flanking behind your enemies. 

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                    Re: Perks - especially Quickdraw

                    I too use QD (best served with Ready Up), and only drop it when rocking an SMG. Might try dropping it for a spell tonight and see how I go, maybe slap on Blind Eye and Resilience instead.


                    Also, to the dude recommending the Fad, as that gun comes with a 42 bullet clip/mag/WHATEVER as standard, is Extended Mags needed that badly? Not saying its a bad choice, but maybe AP rounds or a UB attachment are worth consideration? The UB shotty is pretty damn good in HC...

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                      Re: Perks - especially Quickdraw

                      To be honest Quickdraw is worth it on every gun except for SMGs and Shotguns. So if you are using an assault rifle then yes it's worth it.

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                        Re: Perks - especially Quickdraw

                        Really good responses thanks everyone. Really interesting that virtually NOONE recommends many of the stealth perks - perhaps vbecause the SATCOMS are way weaker than the UAVs in other CODS.


                        Havent changed weapons yet but have already rocked out QD + Readyup + dead silence + Sitrep and have noticed an improvement. Will probably swap in stalker and give that whirl tonight.


                        DEffo working on slowing down as well, don't know the maps wel enough to be rushing yet.


                        Next target 1.2KD without resorting to a tent!

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