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        The main reasons they do it are: (imo)


        1. They cannot handle losing a fair fight

        2. They like trolling players whilst annoying people at the same time.


        I was brought up the same as you... Win well, Lose better.

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          game trolls that find it amusing, abusing the fundamentals of fairplay

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            people hack cause its fun.  why would i waste my time playing all the hours if i can get stuff easier..  were just taking the game to another level

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              I'd be really interested in knowing how they're doing it...not the specifics just "in general" because the PS4 system is not hacked yet so I am very confused how they are running unauthorized code on it.

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                They hack the game because they can. That's actually the number one reason why they do it. The hackers you see actually running around with hacks or they are on the top of the leaderboard they have the 2nd most used reason to hack is they suck at the game and because they think that they should be allowed to do whatever they want. Other reasons include trolling players or trolling the company. Another reason they hack is because they are scum bags who think everyone should have no fun in the game. Someone actually took the time to make the hack aren't the ones you see hosting lobbies they usually play the game with out hacks the reason why they make them is because they wanna see what they can do and what their limits are. The ones hosting the lobbies are just bad players in general.

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                  jasonxsensation1 wrote:


                  were just taking the game to another level

                  By "we" are you saying that you are a hacker?


                  Well you've asked for help boosting so it wouldn't surprise me. Looking for help with gold guns?

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                    Most of my jobs the past decade have been working with school-age to high school aged kids, and there is a prevalent mindset of, I want what I want, I want it now, and I want it the easiest way possible".

                    It's not every kid, so I'm not throwing everyone under 20 in that group/mindset, but I have seen it with many....and it's really not a shock considering the world they've grown up in.  So it's not a shock to think those that do think that way would act that way while playing video games.


                    As for there not being hacks on PS4 - There certainly was.

                    I'm pretty sure Activision even admitted as much - Didn't they say they stopped the all-perks hack?  (That was the one I experienced in game).

                    You may be right that the PS4 has not been hacked, I don't recall if it was proven or not, but speculation was the hacks and issues came from hacks on the PS3 and they were able to import them over with them.  So the issues came from the crossplay that exists between the consoles.

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                      As TheDarkOne123 said:


                      "They hack the game because they can."


                      The problem anyone has is that we cannot understand how people think differently than we do (no matter what side of any fence we are on).  We can only rationalize why one might do it in the reasoning we can understand (e.g. the are dumb, they troll, they are bad, etc..), but the reality is:


                      It could be that they simply do not feel they need to play the game (or do anything) by the rules that have been laid out for them, so they do it if they can get around it for whatever reason they have.  If the rules are good*, use them; if they are bad* bend them.


                      * good and bad is very subjective.  Typically one understands the rules and "should" accept the punishment for breaking them. But obviously, if everyone knew that and abide by such rules, we would not need jails.  For some, the reward outweighs the risk. If we all thought the same, all cars would be the same color.


                      Life 101

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                        "The problem anyone has is that we cannot understand how people think differently than we do (no matter what side of any fence we are on).  We can only rationalize why one might do it in the reasoning we can understand"


                        Shouldn't you have stopped right there?

                        At that point there is no "reality", you have already established there is only your reality, much as there is only mine, so any argument following has become irrelevant.


                        And there is a word for what you were describing - Selfish.

                        You can get theoretical about it, but bending the "rules" in a way that benefits you and ruins the experience for a much larger number of people is being selfish.  Now you can argue if that is "good or bad" and the morality of it, but it is still being selfish.

                        It doesn't make them some enlightened rebel.


                        I also believe in this instance the word "competitive" comes into play.  Competition often being such due to it's specific rules to all that are competing.  If stuff like this was occurring in a private lobby, because an individual just wanted to have "fun" with the game, I would imagine few would have an issue.

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                          Hacking games or in my age using cheat codes was fun. So was modding on of my favorite games Carmageddon 2 (soon to be coming on the ONE by the original developers BTW).


                          But after 5 minutes the fun wears off. Its like playing with that cheat unlock "god mode" in SR3, after a few minutes it gets boring.


                          As for the reason they do it today, its mostly to charge other players for illegally levelling up or to hurt someones score by giving them the infection.


                          For funs sake read THIS one...


                          Need Infinity Ward's Contact Info, Tracked a 10th Prestige Hacker who host's modded lobbies on Call Of Duty Ghosts.


                          "It was HIS fault I decided to cheat" huh

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