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    [PC] Cod Ghosts Clan recruiting - Platinum division!

      If you're playing Call of Duty Ghosts on pc and in need of a clan, you're in luck. Our clan has made it to the platinum division in clan wars and we're still recruiting new members. We're a casual clan but with decent players as we aim to win some at least gold division clan wars. We usually try to party up when in-game and we do have a teamspeak server you can join if you'd like to. There's no requirement for how active you are, just as long as you live up to the rest of the requirements, which are following:

      - Be mature

      - K/D above 1.2

      - Play the objective

      Current stats (5/1-2014)

      Clan: KTS


      Members: 18

      Latest division: Platinum

      Averge K/D: 1.6

      Add "duststriker" on steam if interested!

      - Jake