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    please reset SOURCE_TUNED as i was hacked

      i recently got into a hacked lobby as they all do it prestiged me but only visible in game and on lobby screens when i go on my 3rd squad member ( the one i was on when i got hacked ) it sais its level 1 and only 2 of my squad members are prestiged . as a result of this it makes me unable to mlay matches for some reason please may you reset me as i do not know of a ingame reset feture and i want to restart anywayto redo my w/l and k/d thanks p.s my psn is SOURCE_TUNED

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          Re: please reset SOURCE_TUNED as i was hacked

          Hey SOURCE_TUNED,


          Thank you for posting your concerns here. I understand how frustrating it may be to unknowingly join a modded lobby and have your stats altered. The best thing you can do is to immediately leave the lobby and report any players you suspect of cheating via in-game report tool.


          Can you please private message me the following information:



          Current rank:

          Rank before altered stats:



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