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    f@#king leavers - srsly treyarch WTF


      3arc needs to do something about the matchmaking on the next zombie mode - every bloody game theres people leaving and the remaining players get punished for it


      make the rank turn red for players that leave alot or tag a big fat rat to it but DONT PUNISH THE REMAINING PLAYERS BY MAKING THE LEADERBOARD COUNT STOP


      Im a zombies reg since w@w but this bs needs to end really

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          So true... People who leave constantly should get a mark of some kind next to their names for an amount of time and if they continue to leave it gets longer and longer, very quickly these people would stop finding any games and they would think twice before ragequitting because someone couldnt get them up on round 5 when they got downed.


          On xbox you can set players as avoided and id have over a hundred there now because i avoid anyone who isnt worth playing with, but thats just not good enough you can only avoid them after its too late. Ive been playing since WaW too and zombies has never been this bad, i cant even remember the last time i got past round 30 before someone quit then everyone else quit because they just wasted their time setting up a game.


          EDIT~ I actually just thought of this, they could add something that lets you view how the players in your lobby went over say the last 5 games they played, what round they got to, their points, their downs and if they left the game that would show up too, this would make for an amazing way to find decent people to play with. But unfortunately i dont think treyarch puts that much effort into rankings, they dont even care that the leaderboards are full of modders.

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            I think they should do some sort of matchmaking where it puts you in the percentage you're in if you leave games if you're at a 60% disconnection rate you're placed with people with the same rate. So if you're with someone who has a 2% disconnection rate you're less likely to have leavers.

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              The rounds not counting when someone leaves is very frustrating for me as well. I'm not sure why they didn't continue with the BOps1 idea that if you were in a four player game and one left then the round you got to counted as a three player game. I'm sure they have their reasons but as far as I know this hasn't been communicated to the community.


              With the early leavers having some sort of punishment or stats kept on this, I think it's not a bad idea but I know I have been kicked from games due to the hosts or my internet connection as well as kicked from games because of updates.  I don't think they can tell at this stage the difference between a person leaving a game because of this or them quitting. So a person could be seen as an early quitter because of internet connection issues.


              Not sure what the solution is but I would like to see some changes in this area as it is causing me to play more solo than public lobbies and I'm pretty sure their goal is to encourage team work. I think it would be a good idea to either get the communities feedback on the new system, test it with a small release or communicate with the community why they have done things the way they have done it.

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                They seriously need to punish rage quitters because when I play on buried with random people and I get the chalk first, about 1-3 people leave just because they didn't get 1000 points. I mean seriously its only round 1 and about everyone has left. I just use half of those points to open up the path to the bank.

                They should make it so that the chalk gives 1000 points to everyone, like with the free perk bottle with the ghost.

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                  true story

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                    This happens in random matches.


                    If there is a stat that records the percentage of times you have quit, and matchmaking is based on that then can you imagine how long you will have to wait? Given how long already we have to wait for an available match this will make it worse.


                    If Leaderboards is what one is after, you are best to play with people you know. There are plenty of people looking for regular players to form teams.


                    With random matches you will have to just prepare for the rage quitter to be in the midst. Rage quitting will always be around.