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    Re: PS3 to PS4 Upgrade, DLC Problems

      I noticed the last post on this thread was Dec 20th.. Just wondering if anyone found a fix yet?
      I upgraded Ghosts (standard edition) from my PS3 to my PS4. I just downloaded the season pass and my DLC is missing :/


      I got the team leader mask and gun camo but no patch, no background (no great loss) and no freefall map.


      The season pass and team leader pack are marked as installed when I go to the store but freefall still has the option to download (I did already) and when I try to re-download it comes up with error E-82000113


      I found freefall in game by accessing the local play but when I hit start match the screen chequers out and I get an error message saying that the content package is no longer available...


      Who's to blame and where do I get a refund?

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          Re: PS3 to PS4 Upgrade, DLC Problems

          Hey kingonuthin,


          I moved you to your own thread so that we can further assist you. We are aware that players are not receiving certain DLC when digitally upgrading. We are currently looking into this and we will update the community once we get more information. As far as downloading the Free Fall map goes, did you try downloading through this method via Activision Support?



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