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    PS3 Deadly Aggression is recruiting.Can you hang with the best?

      We are new and about 20 strong with active and very good gamers. We are interested in growing to full clan capacity of 100. we are only 6 days and about to secure gold clan tags. We did our first clan wars in platinum division and are holding almost a 100 point lead as the end nears. What we are looking for is players with 1.5 kd or higher or at least close in that range and more important a good win loss. If you don't meet these requirements but are still interested and at least our active and play with a mic and can communicate well please let me know you want to join. MUST HAVE A 1.0 KD OR HIGHER. I don't get on this forum to much so if your interested message yodaddy619 on your ps3 and I will respond quickly



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