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    Re: My game crashes everytime it tries to connect to Activate, what now?

      My game starting crashing the day before Thanksgiving. I'd also purchased a bunch of gems in preparation for the Black Friday deals.  I assumed the crashing might have something to do with that.  I also live on the East coast and the contact number for help is on the Pacific.  By the time they opened to "help" the deals were over.  Fifteen minutes on hold and the guy told me NO ONE ELSE was having this problem and to delete my cookies. That didn't work.  He suggested deleting the game, hard starting my phone and reinstalling it.  He said if that didn't work, and to avoid another long phone delay, to long in to "My Support" on Activision's web site and update the status with how the game was or wasn't responding.  Also there was an option to chat with a rep online.  Well, deleting the game didn't help.  I've been trying to log into their web site for four days now, but keep getting the message "Sorry, an unexpected error occurred" as if they are working on the site.  I can't find a chat support line link ANYWHERE. This is nuts.  I've an iphone4 and refused to update the software months ago because so many people were getting screwed by it.  As a last ditch effort I decided to update the software in hopes the game's updates were only compatible with it.  That failed too.  I never should have invested money into this game.  What a disappointment.  FIX YOURSELF ACTIVISION!